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We understand it can be a challenge to keep business moving forward during the COVID-19 epidemic. As more states come under lockdown, some businesses will keep their doors closed during the crisis while those fortunate enough can work remote.

If your AP Automation project needs urgent attention, we are all hands on deck to help your business get remote AP running as quickly as possible so you can maintain control over accounts payable during this time. We’re equipped to get customers set up in a day.

We are standing by to help when you are ready and one of our team members will contact you to schedule a time to talk.

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Stampli Rapid Remote Response to COVID-19

We understand the transition to a remote workforce can be challenging on many fronts and especially under the added stress of a lockdown. We’ve gone through the process ourselves and have been able to continue providing 100% of our services available during this time, while our employees work remotely.

Figuring out how to ensure all departments will be able to remain productive can be especially difficult for paper-heavy or manual processes, such as Accounts Payable. The best option during COVID-19 (and beyond) is to move to an accessible digital process with AP Automation to manage and control invoice capture, communications, and approvals online. This not only allows your AP department to remotely access and process but gives remote access to all those who approve invoices, as well, in addition to all of your approvers involved in the process.

Set up times for new Stampli customers still remains well under the 24-hour mark and in some cases a matter of hours. However, due to the influx of requested setups, we’ve increased staff availability and have prioritized setups for the industries, professionals, volunteers, and essential businesses helping fight the Coronavirus and regions under lockdown. We hope that in this time of need we can help alleviate AP-related issues for both those helping combat COVID-19 and all those affected by this epidemic.

On-time bill payments

Easiest to Set Up

Stampli works with your existing accounting systems and invoice processes, so you can still use all those processes you mapped, only now they’ll be digitized and automated! Stampli can fill in the areas you need the most help with digitizing and can easily adapt to any future changes.

We can get you up and running in as little as one day and as your business grows, your new AP Automation scales with you so you can keep invoice processes in place.

Easy to Use AP Automation Software

Easiest to Use

Stampli offers an intuitive AP Automation experience all your users will love, not just your AP department. Each stakeholder —AP staff, Management, Approvers, and Vendors—sees a tailored view that presents relevant information to them to make an informed and quick decision without extensive training.

Organizations face many challenges as they transition to a work from home (WHF) policy for employees. The last thing any company needs is to worry about paying the bills, damaging supplier relationships, and business disruption caused by accounts payable. It is possible to remove AP headaches, mitigate invoice processing costs and impact employee productivity in as little as 24 hours.



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The flexible Stampli platform is readily configured to accommodate your specific accounting
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