Back to the Future – A Noise-Free Community for Finance Leaders

Back to the Future - A Noise-Free Community for Finance Leaders

By Ernie Humphrey, VP, Thought Leadership, Stampli

As the impact of COVID-19 has evolved over the past six months, I have realized that there is a dire need for a trusted noise-free online community for the office of the CFO. People need a place to ask questions relevant to them, get answers from peers, share concerns in a trusted environment, and share important lessons learned with peers.

Therefore, given that I have experience in being a driving force in developing an online community that grew to over 30,000 finance leaders that has long since lost its steam, it is time for me to do it again, and do it better. I want community members to take ownership of this community. It is my role to offer the foundation for a successful online community by offering a  platform for people to network on their terms, share their knowledge and expertise with their peers, and to bring experts to the community to answer questions of community members.

Here is the value proposition for the Finance Trends & Disruption Community:

  1. A Trusted, Noise-Free Platform
  2. This is Community by Finance Professionals for Finance Professionals
  3. A Focus on Fueling Career Success
  4. Network on Your Terms
  5. Answers by Peer Experts
  6. We Bring Content to Life
  7.  Innovative Programs- Make Your Own Webinar, Controller Coffee Talk, CFO Karaoke
  8.  Help Your Peers and Contribute to Your Profession
  9.  Learn and Share on Your Terms Year Around

You can join your online community at You can learn more about the need and value of a noise-free community by listening to my Podcast with John Kogan, Back to the Future- A Noise-Free Community for Finance Leaders. John and I partnered together to build an online community from zero to 30,000 members.

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