Stampli Now Offers Complete QBO Integration with PO + Item Support!

QuickBooks AP Automation PO integration

Good news! 

As part of Stampli’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive integration support for our customers, we are excited to offer support for Purchase Orders (PO’s) and Items for QuickBooks Online (QBO) customers.  Whether companies use purchase orders, need to track purchases of inventory items, or expenses, Stampli can be used to automate bill processing for all! 

Stampli makes it easy to process invoices based on one-time, recurring or blanket PO’s from QuickBooks that have inventory items, expense categories, or a combination of both. The Stampli API integration with QBO now provides an automatic, real-time sync of open PO’s and line item details from QBO to Stampli.

AP Automation for QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration chart

Adding Single and Multiple PO’s to Bill

Stampli offers the flexibility of processing invoices that are billing one PO or two or more PO’s at a time. When multiple PO’s are added to a bill — once it is sent to QBO and a bill is created — all associated PO’s are automatically updated with the billed quantities.

Updating PO’s from QBO

Changes made to open PO’s are automatically updated between QBO and Stampli. Users can conveniently click on a link in Stampli to view the PO directly in QBO. New PO’s added after a bill is coded in Stampli are also automatically updated in Stampli.

Adjusting PO Line-Level Details

Line-level details can be added or edited in the Items or GL Accounts fields. Items and expenses are displayed in tables that can be easily viewed and adjusted as needed.  These tables include columns for Description, Quantity, Rate, Total to be Paid, and more.

Numerical fields in the table also include an auto-calculator! So, if the Quantity field is changed, for example, then the Amount field is automatically updated. Users can enter a formula into these fields, or if one field is updated, the other numerical fields will be recalculated.

Stampli supports both full and partial billing. When a PO is billed for less than the full quantity, in Stampli the quantity can be adjusted. When the bill is processed, the PO amount in QuickBooks is automatically updated to reflect the billed amount. The cycle repeats until the PO is fully billed and closed.

Sending Approved Bills to QBO

Adjustments made in Stampli will be included in the invoice export to QBO.  A bill is automatically created in QBO based on the information of the approved bill in Stampli. PO information is included — whether it is single or multiple PO’s – as well as any adjustments that are made. These are reflected in both the QBO bill and in the PO’s.

About Stampli

Stampli’s AP automation platform offers an API integration that automatically syncs invoice coding, purchase orders (PO’s), items, expenses, and invoice payment data between QuickBooks Online and Stampli — with implementation in as little as 24 hours.  Ready to see how much time and money AP automation with QBO integration could save your business? Find out more about Stampli’s AP automation software today.

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