A Summer at Stampli

Hi everyone, I’m Scott! I’ve been interning at Stampli this summer as the Community Manager. My main responsibilities have been running all of Stampli’s social media accounts, along with helping the Marketing and Sales teams with various tasks.

Now, I am headed off to my Freshman year at Seattle University, where I will study Anthropology. I became interested in Anthropology thanks to a high school history teacher (Alan, if you are reading this somehow, I miss you). I’ve always been interested in how people and groups interacted, and that is a big part of community management.

A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

A community manager interacts with potential customers through social media and other digital channels. This means a lot of time spent researching our audience and finding out how to “speak” to them. My daily schedule when I got to work was:

Check with my boss to see if there were any specific projects for me to do that day (which there almost always was).

Go on Quora, and looked to see if anyone had questions about Accounts Payable, and respond to them.

Go through LinkedIn, and search through discussion forums to see if there was any interesting news or conversations going on there.

Go through the social media pages scroll, liking and reposting tweets from partners, determine what might be interesting content for our audience.

Creating witty and engaging posts of my own for each channel.

To track the effectiveness of my work, and find patterns to improve, I would monitor channel metrics. At the beginning of every week, I took metrics from the previous week’s posts. I did this so I could see how many people saw the post, how many likes it had, and see what people thought of the posts, and I would learn from that.

What I Learned

I really enjoyed my time here at Stampli, and I am going to miss the team when I am in Seattle. I learned a lot from my experience here, and lot more about Accounts Payable than I ever expected to know in my lifetime. I also learned how to schedule out my daily workload so I never had nothing to do. My boss, Theresa, has taught me so much about community management, and I have learned a lot of important professional skills from my time here. I’d like to thank everyone at Stampli for being so welcoming, and for helping teach me life skills!I loved the startup atmosphere, and the freedom I had in how to do my work. I’d recommend to anyone who is given the opportunity to work in a startup, to take it. It is a great learning experience, and great for your resume as well.

Scott’s Words of Wisdom for Future Interns

  • Know your memes, Theresa is a fan of memes, and it can help if you don’t know what to post about.
  • Always bring a computer charger, phone charger, and earbuds. Never forget your earbuds, this is incredibly important especially when other people in the office want to listen to the top rock hits of the 80’s on repeat for 6 hours.
  • Keep an accurate record of your working hours. Being paid for your hard work is important!
  • Don’t forget gym clothes! You can get very tired sitting and typing all day, but you still need physical exercise.

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