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New branding, same awesome sauce.

You’ll start to notice some new changes to the look and feel of Stampli. We’re launching a new logo and branding throughout our website and user interface. While we loved our last logo, we knew it was time for our logo and brand to evolve.


We felt our logo needed to better highlight one of our most popular team members, Billy the Bot. Billy is loved by our customers and definitely deserved a huge nod in the new design. We also visually wanted to give a nod to “the stamp of approval,” where Stampli gets its name, in a fun and futuristic way. The design was a team effort at Stampli, taking an initial design and adding on to it internally.

First, you’ll notice our logo and branding changes on our website. We wanted the new Stampli website to stand out in the same way our product stands out as a fresh, bold and modern way to do AP. We’re using lots of vivid colors so people can immediately understand the impact Stampli can have on their AP process—powerful, yet oh so pleasing.

And finally, because everybody deserves a little color to brighten their day, we’re pulling these new vibrant colors into the Stampli application. You’ll see it from the login page and throughout your Stampli experience. Functionally everything else is intact, so you will not have to relearn anything—just enjoy some new colors!

Thanks for continuing to embrace us on this journey!


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