Atlantic Coast Brands creates iconic beauty brands by developing scientifically advanced, clinically tested products designed to deliver real results for its more than 10 million customers worldwide.  ACB was looking for an AP Automation solution that gave them full control of the invoice approval process to ensure accountability each step of the way.


Stampli’s intelligent and adaptive technology provided Atlantic Coast Brands with the control they needed to manage their invoice process from beginning to end.  Instant invoice data extraction alleviates the manual process of data entry and the built-in communications sped up the approval cycle. Additionally, the powerful management dashboards gave deeper insight into delays and bottlenecks.  This ensured accountability, compliance and overall faster approval responses.

Stampli has helped us collaborate with other departments for approving invoices and then corresponding with questions regarding discrepancies. It has improved our control over who has responsibility and ownership of the invoice throughout the approvals process.

It has improved our process for entering invoices and I can see that they take a lot less time to review and approve. Also, you have helped greatly on our entry process of importing. Thank you so much for your help with all of this.

— Nicholas Lieva
Atlantic Coast Brands
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