LTC Consulting Gains a Competitive Edge with Stampli


LTC Consulting provides skilled nursing facilities with a complete suite of critical finance, billing and business office management services.  They were looking for a solution to manage multiple client’s invoice approval processes – in a seamless, digital way.


The Stampli AP Automation Platform was a perfect fit for LTC.  With an easy to use interface, they were able to roll it out to multiple clients without extensive retraining. It enabled them to provide a light process with a simple tool.  Additionally, Stampli’s easy integration with Sage Intacct, management dashboard, and analytics allowed them to better help and understand their clients’ needs.

Today, data is king. With the additional data provided in Stampli, we are able to analyze information in different ways to better understand our clients and our space.​

The implementation with Sage Intacct was so easy, and the system is very user-friendly which is important because we work with so many people. There are so many people that touch each invoice during the process, and each one of them is being positively affected with Stampli.

Stampli gives us a competitive edge because we can provide our customers with a process that is ‘light’ and easy to use. I just know our customers are going to love and appreciate it.

— Sara Rockove
Senior Finance Manager
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