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Renova AP Automation Case Study

Success Story

Renova Energy Reduces Invoice Processing Time by 50%

With the company’s growth, Renova switched their financial systems from QuickBooks to NetSuite. However, Andrea Monteiro, Renova’s Accounting Manager, and her AP team were still manually processing over 700 vendor bills every month. In fact, nearly 80% of the team’s time was spent on coding, matching, verifying, and manually entering data into NetSuite. Paper-based bills were sent to ten department managers who then typically had to forward the bill or send emails to other members of their team to verify receipt, purchase terms, and other details.

After some vetting with the accounting team, they determined that Stampli would be the perfect solution to automate vendor bill processing. Not only could they completely digitize the paper trail, but Stampli’s NetSuite API integration would significantly reduce the time spent on manual data entry.

“By automating vendor bill processing with Stampli, my job has become much more pleasant. Everything now comes to me rather than me having to go to different people directly. And everything is accurate and trackable,” said Andrea happily.

Andrea Monteiro
Accounting Manager

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Renova decreases time spent processing invoices by 50%