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Industry Solutions

Streamline Accounts Payable in Education Organizations

Go to the head of the class in Accounts Payable professionalism with an easy-to-use invoice management solution that can drastically reduce time spent chasing approvals.

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Instant Relief for Accounts Payable in Media Organizations

Lights! Camera! Action! Invoices are a part of every media production and Accounts Payable is responsible for keeping them on track to payment and maintaining good vendor relationships. Make the approvals process easier with an interactive invoice management solution.

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Interactive Invoice Management for Accounts Payable in
Healthcare Organizations

Providing high quality patient care should always be top of mind for healthcare organizations. Make invoice approvals easy and intuitive for approvers can save time and hassle for everyone, leaving more resources for furthering your organization’s important mission.

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Paperless Invoice Management for Services Companies

Dealing with multiple projects at multiple sites can make invoice management a nightmare. Enable fast, transparent collaboration on each invoice to reduce time to approval by up to 80%.

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Digitize Accounts Payable in Technology Companies

In a fast-paced technology company, enable Accounts Payable to run at full speed with a flexible cloud-based invoice management solution guaranteed to reduce frustration over invoice approvals.

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