AP Automation: The How, The Why, The ROI

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There has been so much hype around AP automation. The adoption of AP automation technology solutions continues to rise across companies of all sizes in all industries. It is time to examine why companies are investing in AP automation, how companies are actually leveraging automation, and if companies are realizing the ROI they expected from investing in AP-related technology.

We will review the key results of the initial AP Automation: The Why, The How, The ROI survey which had well over 400 responses from Treasury and Finance leaders across the United States.

The missions of this survey are to help companies understand the:

  • The How: How AP Automation fits into current AP processes
  • The Why: Understand why companies have or have not invested in AP Automation
  • The ROI: Ways resources have been redeployed once benefits have been reached on AP Automation
Watch the webinar on-demand
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Title: Watch the webinar on-demand
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