Stampli Direct Pay

Optional service with maximum business-to-business (B2B) payment flexibility. Use Stampli to pay vendors by automated clearing house (ACH) or paper checks. Or pay vendors outside of Stampli. You choose.

You’re in
the Driver’s Seat

Own your payment data. Set internal controls on who can access.

Stay in control of your vendor relationship, with no middle man interference.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

B2B Payments
Are a Breeze

Streamline payment runs. Easily access all relevant details and supporting documents for seamless payment approvals.

Easy ACH reconciliations. Batch process ACH payments with individual transaction reconciliations in your bank statement. Others require you to log into a separate system – outside of your bank – to reconcile.

Painless paper checks! Automatically print and mail physical checks from your bank account, using your own signature. Especially relevant for WFH. (Note: this is not an e-check.)

Stampli facilitates ACH transactions from your bank account, with no need to set up – or fund – a special settlement account.

Payments are a Breeze


Transparency with no hidden fees.

Audit-ready history.

Easy Vendor

Engage with vendors via Vendor Portal.

Easy process to collect vendor data. Simple vendor management with vendor self-service portal for up-to-date payment information. Track and validate updates.

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