Stampli Direct Pay

Stampli Direct Pay offers domestic payments, international payments, card payments and more — all seamlessly integrated into our AP system.

Stampli Direct Pay

Pay how you want to pay

Efficiency, control and the freedom to choose your preferred payment methods.

What makes Direct Pay different?

Extend your AP team productivity

Get the same efficiency, visibility and control for payments that we offer for invoice processing

Reconcile payments with ease

Bank statements show transactions individually, not as lump sums

A new approach to FX costs

Automate payment execution when your target FX rate is met

Stampli Direct Pay capabilities

Domestic Payments
Stampli offers diverse payment options, including ACH, check, credit card, international wire/ACH transfers, or any other payment method outside of Stampli.

You can customize the approval process based on invoice amounts, ensuring funds are released according to your company policies.

The system also sends remittance emails with detailed payment information and maintains a clear audit trail of all payment activities.

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International Payments
Pay vendors across 100+ countries using international wire or international ACH, in USD or local currency, without leaving Stampli. Funds are transferred in a matter of days, with some countries eligible for same-day payments.

With Stampli, you get an innovative approach to managing FX risk. Not only do you see the most up-to-date FX rates at time of payment, but you can set FX targets for each foreign currency for automatic execution.

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Card Payments
Card Payments lets businesses pay vendors instantly and securely through virtual, single-use credit cards.

This feature simplifies the payment process, optimizing cash flow and strengthening vendor relationships.

Card Payments are integrated directly into Stampli’s Direct Pay for simple use.

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Key features of Stampli Direct Pay

Flexible payment options

Pay vendors using ACH, check, credit card, wires, or any method outside of Stampli.

Payment audit trail

Gain complete visibility into payments with all activity & details in one place.

Configurable approvals

Customize payment approval workflows to align to your company policies.

Vendor management

Easily collect & manage vendor details, and pay them using various methods.

Seamless ERP integration

Increase efficiency with payment data automatically syncing back to your ERP.

Instant vendor payments

Speed up vendor payments while earning cash back by paying with Stampli Card.

Transparent transactions

Reconcile easily with detailed bank statements & remittance information.

International payments

Pay vendors across the globe with built-in FX approvals and controls.

Stampli Direct Pay Success Stories


Faster vendor payments for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Learn how the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce overcame challenges with their manual vendor payments by adopting Stampli Direct Pay to streamline workflows and reduce manual intervention.

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Yes. Stampli Direct Pay is integrated with our AP Automation solution so you are able to see all invoice information prior to payment.

With Stampli Direct Pay, you can set up approval workflows based on an amount below, in between, or above a certain threshold.

No. Stampli is completely payment agnostic, allowing you to pay vendors in Stampli via ACH, check, credit card, international wire, international ACH or with any method outside of Stampli.

Yes. Just like invoices, Stampli will automatically sync all payment data to your ERP.

No. Stampli does not require you to set up or pre-fund a separate account.

Stampli Direct Pay is just as easy to learn and implement as our AP Automation, so you are able to get up and running just as fast.

Yes. With Stampli Direct Pay, you can use International Payments to pay vendors in 100+ countries in USD or their local currency.

Stampli helps you mitigate risk with automatic compliance checks and fraud detection tools, built directly into our platform.

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