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The Stampli AP
Automation Approach

Stampli is the only Accounts Payable Automation (AP Automation) software that centers communications on top of the invoice so that AP collaborates better with approvers, vendors, and anyone involved with purchases to quickly resolve issues and questions, resulting in 5x faster approvals.

Automating accounts payable in this way gives users visibility into bill activities, statuses, and ownership with greater transparency and accountability. Audit-ready histories of approved bills are stored in the Stampli AP Automation system, and invoices can be downloaded anytime.

Our AP Automation software solution uses Artificial Intelligence technology — Billy the Bot — to automate AP invoice processing and learn an organization’s unique patterns to simplify GL-coding, automate approval notifications, identify duplicates and more.

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Smart & Flexible

  • Intelligent AP Automation
  • Real-Time, Accurate Invoice Capture & Coding
  • Keep Pace with Change
  • Scale for Growth

Communicate & Control

  • Centralized Collaboration
  • AP Automation Process Visibility
  • Automated Communications
  • Audit-Ready History

Sleek & Effortless

  • 1-Day Setup
  • Keep Existing Process & Systems
  • Easy-To-Use, Intuitive AP Automation Interface
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Stampli AP Automation Software Capabilities


Segregation of Duties

Enforce internal controls and mitigate fraud by using standard and customizable roles and permissions.

collaborating icon

Collaboration Hub

Centrally send, track, view invoice communications and activities directly on top of the invoice.


Smart AP Processing

Automate invoice capture & coding with AI, machine learning, and advanced AP Automation technologies.


Intuitive Dashboard

Effortlessly transition from paper to virtual trays using the Stampli AP Automation dashboard familiar to any AP processor.


Full Visibility

Gain 365 visibility into invoice status and metrics using advanced search, reports, and management dashboard.


Payment Agnostic

Pay vendors using any payment systems with the ability to easily update payment informationin Stampli.


Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Stampli AP Automation into your specific procurement and accounting processes, and any financial system without IT support.


Fast Implementation

Get started with AP Automation in one day — not months — as our Customer Success team guides you through a fast and easy setup process.

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AP Automation Reports

G2 Summer 2020 Report for AP Automation Software

Read why Stampli is named to G2’s Leader Quadrant for AP Automation Software four consecutive quarters in a row.

Download this report to learn why customers love Stampli and how AP Automation can streamline invoice processes for your organization. In this report, you will receive: 

  • The G2 Grid® Report AP Automation Software
  • AP Automation Software Reviews and Satisfaction Ratings
  • Implementation Index and ROI for AP Automation Software
  • Accounts Payable Automation Product Comparisons
  • AP Automation Customer Testimonials
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Stampli Named a G2 Leader in AP Automation for Fourth Quarter in a Row!

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AP Automation FAQs

How does AP Automation fix the invoice approval process?

AP Automation from Stampli streamlines the accounts payable invoice approval process by identifying the correct approvers, sending notifications, and automating reminders. In addition, AP Automation enables businesses to keep all documents (Purchase Orders, receiving documents or receipts, and previous invoices) in one place so everyone has what they need to take action.

Will AP Automation fix invoice-related communication problems?

Yes. With AP Automation from Stampli, the invoice itself becomes a communications channel and historical record where all comments, questions, answers, and invoice inputs are documented in a central and searchable location. Anyone can be invited to the conversation including vendors where they have limited access to what they can see if invited.

How does AP Automation improve document management?

AP Automation securely stores all invoice-related documents electronically within the system for up to 7 years. Documents for AP Automation often include vendor files and contracts, W-9s, and invoice history.

Where there is an integration with an ERP or accounting system, documents like Purchase Orders (POs) allow for easy access to adjustments and real-time receiving information of POs from your accounting system.

Can AP Automation prevent duplicate payments?

Yes. The Stampli AP Automation has built-in advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify duplicate invoices. Stampli’s AI-helper, Billy the Bot performs duplicate invoice checks along the way. Billy the Bot checks from the time an invoice is uploaded, to when it’s registered, and even when communicating with integrated systems. When there is a duplicate or potential duplicate invoice, Stampli will present a warning message at the top of the invoice.

Does AP Automation software deter invoice fraud?

In short, yes. AP Automation from Stampli provides controls in more ways imaginable to mitigate fraud and improve security over your financials. An example of control for the invoice approval process—is by setting approval limits for a specific or all users. Or requiring an additional approver when a limit is reached or invoice amount is changed by AP. Reporting functionality tools also provide full control and visibility into suspicious activity by AP staff or management.

How does AP Automation intake vendor invoices?

With Stampli, the AP Automation software digitally captures invoice data by utilizing technologies like advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make invoice processing fast and easy. Stampli’s very own, Billy the Bot, can manage approval identification and auto-populates fields based on your specific accounting codes which includes any custom fields you might have.

Do vendors interact with AP Automation software?

Vendors can interact with AP Automation in a few ways. They can send invoices or bills directly into your Stampli account. Then a Vendor Portal is available for all customers that enable this feature through their system settings. The Stampli Vendor Portal must be enabled by the Stampli customer and is available by invitation only.

The benefit of the Stampli Vendor Portal is that it helps customers reduce the communications overhead by providing an online portal to their vendors where the status of an invoice can be accessed 24/7.

Will AP Automation allow me to invite external users or vendors if I have an invoice question?

Any external users including vendors can be asked a question on top if the invoice in Stampli as an external contact. As an external contact, they can only view the invoice image and a section to respond to the specific question asked.

Does AP Automation work with other accounting systems?

Stampli offers API integrations to connect directly with a company’s accounting, financial, or ERP system. The Stampli API integration ensures up-to-date and constant data flow between systems. Stampli also offers a file integration for systems without an API integration.

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