Stampli Cards

Stampli Cards redefine how your AP teams manage business spend. Seamlessly integrated into your AP workflows, our AP Cards and Expense Cards bring real-time visibility and control to both AP spend and employee expenses. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined processes.

Stampli Card

Credit cards that put AP first.

Get the same efficiency and control over card transactions that Stampli gives you over invoices

Key facts of Stampli Cards

Billy the Bot™

One system

Stampli Cards integrate card transactions into your invoice workflow

Two products

AP Cards for Finance and Expense Cards for employees

Less effort

Transactions sync automatically to your ERP

New revenue

Up to 1% cashback on every transaction

No costs

Free for Stampli customers

The two types of Stampli Cards

AP Cards
Designed for AP workflows, AP Cards ensure credit card transactions are as manageable as invoices. Customizable approval workflows and card capabilities make AP Cards a powerful tool for any AP team. Learn More.
Expense Cards
Stampli’s Expense Cards offer AP teams unprecedented control over employee expenses. With features like real-time transaction details, automatic expense submission, and customizable spending controls, managing employee spending is both efficient and hassle-free. Learn More.

Key features of Stampli Credit Cards

Physical and virtual cards

Create as many physical or virtual cards as needed, with settings designed for different types of spend.

Customizable spending controls

Ensure compliance with internal policies with spending limits and restrictions.

Pre-code purchases

Increase efficiency for AP teams by pre-coding credit card purchases and employee expenses.

Real-time transaction visibility

Keep track of all transactions as they post, for complete financial oversight.

Configurable approvals

Workflows for credit card request approvals based on card limits and the individuals requesting the card.

Mobile app

Managers can approve card requests and expenses, while employees can upload their receipts and submit expenses.

Receipt library

Upload and manage receipts that can be auto-matched to card transactions, making it simple to submit expenses.

Earn cash back

Earn up to 1% cash back on eligible Stampli Card purchases to maximize the ROI of your credit cards.

Stampli Cards Success Stories


Faster vendor payments for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Learn how the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce overcame challenges with their manual vendor payments by adopting Stampli Cards to pay vendors faster and more securely.

Stampli Cards FAQs

There are many benefits to switching to Stampli Cards:


  • Approval processes built around your company policy
  • Transaction details are available as purchases occur in a centralized view of all purchases
  • Card usage control options such as MCC group restrictions
  • Employee business expenses are charged directly to the business, rather than needing to reimburse your employees, making it easier to estimate cash flow
  • Automation saves time for both your AP team and employees

Stampli Cards have no annual fee or transaction fees, making it free to use. With up to 1% cashback, it’s like getting an additional discount on all of your credit card spend.

Yes, all credit card transactions will sync back to your ERP.

There is no limit to the number of cards that can be issued, you can create as many cards as you need. Controls around approved MCC group purchases, spending limits, auto-suspending cards, and more mean you can stay in complete control of your corporate credit card program.

Like our AP Automation, it’s easy to get set up with Stampli Cards. We offer tools to help you move your spend from other credit cards to a Stampli Card. With training from our best in class Customer Support team, you will be up and running in no time.

Yes, Stampli makes it easy to update your card on file at select online services to a Stampli Card. When you create an unlimited number of cards and pre-code transactions, Stampli makes it a breeze to process purchases and stay on top of your credit card spend.

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