Stampli Card

Gain complete control and visibility over your corporate credit card spend with the only card solution integrated into the most powerful AP Automation platform

Use Stampli to manage all corporate credit card transactions and invoices in one place.

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All Purchases in One Platform

View Stampli Card purchases as they happen with instant access to credit card transaction details.

Process Stampli Card transactions alongside invoices and sync back to your ERP.

Avoid chasing cardholders with auto-reminders to add supporting documents.

Manage all purchases in one place whether it’s Stampli Card, ACH, Check, or any other payment method.

Instant access to credit card transaction details with Stampli Card

Control Corporate Card Spend Before it Happens

Pre-approve purchases with credit card request approval workflows based on your internal process & controls.

Control Stampli Card usage with credit card limits, usage types, by cardholder, vendor, and more. 

Suspend or cancel Stampli Cards at any time to control misuse and employee spend.

Insights into every Stampli Card in real-time rather than month-end.

Control Corporate Credit Card Spend Before it Happens

End-to-End Corporate Card Management

Create and issue Stampli Cards instantly after they are approved.  

Automatically get notified when Stampli Cards get declined or canceled.

Save hours of manual work by eliminating data re-entry with a fully integrated solution. 

Close books faster with all purchase details immediately available at your fingertips.

End-to-End Corporate Credit Card Management

Corporate Credit Card FAQs

What is Stampli Card?
The Stampli Card is the only corporate credit card with Accounts Payable (AP) Automation built inside where AP teams can issue, set controls (limits, usage type, purpose, and more), suspend, and cancel cards on-demand. With Stampli Card, you control corporate credit card spend before it happens. Then when authorized cards are used for transactions, the data is instantly available inside Stampli so it can be processed with the AP Automation software along side invoices.
What is a corporate credit card?
A corporate credit card is a type of card issued to a business and is used by its employees for authorized business purchases in lieu of employees using their own finances to complete a business purchase. 
What are the benefits of corporate credit cards?
Stampli's corporate credit card brings card spend into normal accounts payable processing. Here are some of the many benefits of Stampli Card:
  • Pre-approve purchases with card request approvals
  • View purchases as they occur
  • Card usage control options
  • Automation saves team time (no more chasing down card users or manual data entry)
  • Centrally process all purchases
  • Easier to estimate cash flow
  • Centralized view of all purchases

Take Back Control of Corporate
Credit Card Spend

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