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The credit card built for AP spend, not just expenses

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Unlike most credit card solutions that are built for employee expenses, Stampli Card is designed for AP spend — giving you a single system with complete visibility, control, and efficiency.

Built for the way YOU run AP

Everything in one system

Manage your corporate card program and AP automation from one solution

Think bigger than expenses

Perfect for vendor payments, subscriptions, and any purchase big or small

Unlimited cards for unlimited control

Issue pre-coded cards with spend limits, MCC restrictions, and other controls

Visibility throughout the month

Transactions & purchase details sync to the ERP as they post, not when statements arrive

Easy AP and user adoption

Employees can request cards and submit expenses with no training required

Stampli Card capabilities

Physical & virtual cards

Create as many physical or virtual cards as needed  with settings designed for different types of spend.

AP cards

Pay your subscriptions and other recurring services services with credit cards designed for AP purchases.

Expense cards

Credit cards designed for employee expenses allow your AP team to stay on top of employee spend.

Earn cash back

Earn unlimited cash back on eligible Stampli Card purchases to maximize the ROI of your credit cards. 

Configurable approvals

Workflows for credit card request approvals based on card limits and the individuals requesting the card.

Pre-code purchases

Increase efficiency for AP teams by pre-coding credit card purchases and employee expenses. 

Mobile app

Managers can approve card requests & expenses and employees can upload their receipts & submit expenses.

Receipt Library

Upload and manage receipts that can be auto-matched to card transactions, making it simple to submit expenses.

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Stampli Card spotlight

Meet Stampli Card

Take back control of employee business spend with Stampli Card for expenses. It’s simple for employees to upload receipts and submit expenses, while AP teams maintain complete visibility into all credit cards and their transactions.

Stampli Card Success Stories


Faster vendor payments for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Learn how the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce overcame challenges with their manual vendor payments by adopting Stampli Card to pay vendors faster and more securely.

L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce Case Study

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