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How Stampli supports Card Payments

With Stampli Card Payments you can make instant, secure payments to vendors using virtual single-use credit cards. Integrated seamlessly within Stampli Direct Pay, it’s as simple as a click to pay your vendors instantly, without the delays and uncertainties of traditional payment methods like checks or ACH. Optimize your cash flow and fortify your vendor relationships with immediate Card Payments.
The problems that AP teams face
Businesses sometimes struggle with slow and cumbersome payment processes that can strain vendor relationships and miss opportunities for early payment discounts. Traditional payment methods like checks or ACH can, in certain circumstances, leave companies in a limbo of inefficient cash flow management due to the time it takes for funds to be received and processed.

In these cases, this inefficiency is compounded by the cost of transaction fees and the manual labor involved in traditional payment methods, such as writing checks or gathering vendor banking details.
Stampli’s approach

Card Payments are integrated directly within Direct Pay, making the payment process as simple as choosing an option from a dropdown menu. You can make instant payments, significantly improving vendor relations and enabling better payment terms. Stampli offers a simplified, centralized platform for managing the entire payment process, from coding and approval to the final payment.

Key features

Instant Payments

Instantly pay vendors to foster better relationships and negotiate favorable payment terms.

Secure Single-Use Virtual Cards

Use single-use virtual cards for each payment to enhance security and minimize fraud risk.


When you earn up to 1% cashback on every payment, it’s like getting an additional discount off your invoice.

No Per-Transaction Fees

Enjoy zero per-transaction fees from Stampli, reducing your overall costs compared to traditional payment methods.

Seamless Integration

Experience a unified solution with Stampli’s platform for a streamlined coding, approving, and paying process.

Vendor Portal or Secure Link

Vendors can securely access payment details, including virtual card information, instantly via the Vendor Portal or a secure link.

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Streamline your vendor payments with
Stampli Card Payments

Learn how you can speed up the vendor payment process significantly with Card Payments as invoices are paid immediately.

Card Payments FAQ

Card Payments uses single-use virtual cards for each transaction, significantly reducing the risk of fraud and enhancing payment security.

Yes, every Card Payment earns up to 1% cashback on eligible purchases, providing direct financial benefits to your business.

No, one of the major benefits of Card Payments is the absence of per-transaction fees from Stampli, helping to lower your overall costs.

Vendors can access payment details securely and instantly via the Vendor Portal or a secure link, facilitating immediate payment processing.

By enabling instant payments, Card Payments helps you pay your invoice promptly, maintaining a positive relationship with vendors and potentially securing better payment terms.

Yes, Card Payments are designed with financial reporting and compliance in mind. Payment transactions are synced with your ERP, ensuring that financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

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