AP Automation for
Oracle NetSuite

Stampli is Built for NetSuite verified, with a commitment to supporting all fields, POs and payments data. This means you can improve your AP cost structure without changing or compromising anything in NetSuite.

Stampli Oracle Netsuite Integration

Automatic Sync between
Netsuite and Stampli

Sync Lists

Vendor List

Vendor List

GL Accounts

GL Accounts

Open PO’s, Line Items, Receiving

Open PO’s, Line Items, Receiving

Fields, Custom Fields/Segments e.g., Subsidiaries, Project, Dept, Warehouse, etc.

Fields, Custom Fields/Segments e.g., Subsidiaries, Project, Dept, Warehouse, etc.

Invoices + Payments

NetSuite Bill

Bill Authorized for Payment

Link to Stampli Bill

Link to NetSuite Bill

Payment Info

Payment Info

Supporting all Netsuite fields and functionality, including…

Saved searches

Stampli maps saved search to custom fields for consistent data and reporting

PO flexibility

2-way and 3-way matching, including the ability to match against the item receipt

Intercompany support

Stampli mirrors any intercompany field so you can process in Stampli and post to NetSuite. We support your OneWorld account.

Expense exceptions

Add an item or expense line for additional fees without leaving Stampli


Customers don’t have to manage amortizations across two systems

Our Oracle NetSuite integration is built in advance, built in-house, and built to completion

Stampli’s approach to integration creates an easy implementation without requiring changes to your NetSuite configuration. You’ll streamline AP through a number of innovative capabilities, including:

Real-time syncing

Our API allows for data to be synced with Stampli effectively in real-time, allowing things like bills to be posted instantly without the 24-hour delay in most other providers.

No performance issues

Stampli’s unique approach to ERP syncing means lists stay in sync without loading delays. Unlike competitors, coders never see the product freeze while they wait for lists to load.

Data validation
We have a sophisticated validation algorithm to ensure data integrity. It extends to include:

  • Correct values of data
  • No duplication of data
  • Correct business processes (such as POs, credit memos, inventory receipts, and others )
  • Ensuring the Invoice Due amount matches the payment amount
  • Stopping payments that don’t match
  • Ensuring payment data exports before making a payment
  • Detecting and linking any invoices created manually in the ERP.

  • With Stampli, NetSuite is up-to-date and accurate. No bad data gets passed to the ERP.
    Custom field support

    Stampli can mirror any custom fields in NetSuite and map them to be used however they are today. We will automap any new customs fields, and can manage them in Stampli so only relevant fields are posted back to NetSuite.

    Saved searches

    With Stampli, you can bring in the results of the saved search into a custom field, allowing you more flexibility in how you bring data into Stampli and keeping your reporting consistent across systems.

    OneWorld account support

    Stampli fully supports NetSuite’s “one world account” feature, enabling the management of multiple subsidiaries under a single account. Subsidiary data flows between the platforms, such as international taxes and default currencies.

    Intercompany transactions

    Stampli mirrors any intercompany fields in NetSuite so you can process intercompany transactions in Stampli and have them posted to NetSuite  

    Auto-populating PO header data

    Stampli maps the fields from the PO to the corresponding fields on the invoice. This includes standard fields such as vendors and projects. You don’t need to manually paste data from NetSuite into Stampli.

    2-way and 3-way PO matching

    Stampli imports open POs and receiving data from NetSuite. It also exports appropriate data, including any changes made to the PO. AP has up-to-date data to accurately process PO-backed invoices without having to work in the ERP or communicate using multiple platforms. 

    Multiple POs on one invoice and vice versa

    Stampli supports the complex scenarios that occur when there are partial shipments, cross-departmental orders and more. AP can code an invoice to multiple POs, or process the same PO across multiple invoices.

    Matching flexibility

    You can match against the item receipt, not just the PO. Having true matching to item receipts ensures not overpaying vendors, faster turnaround of invoices, and easier audits.

    Invoice payment status synced back

    Even for customers without Direct Pay, Stampli will sync back the payment status of an invoice from the ERP.  You don’t have to leave Stampli to learn whether or not a payment was executed.

    Many-to-many filtering

    Stampli enables dynamic filtering of field values based on many-to-many relationships, such as Entities, Locations, Vendors, GL Accounts, and others, including custom fields.

    Vendor discounts

    Stampli tracks a vendor’s available discounts and will automatically calculate the discount as a credit.

    Tax support

    Stampli imports the tax definitions you’ve created in Netsuite, including international taxes. We calculate and apply tax based on factors such as location, product/service type, and applicable tax rates. We also support tax adjustments.

    Included and excluded taxes

    Stampli can differentiate between these included and excluded taxes and handle them appropriately within the invoicing process.

    Keep approvals in NetSuite

    We’ve engineered a method that lets you keep certain approval workflows in Netsuite if you want. Stampli users can continue using their approval workflow for bills that are required to stay in NetSuite, while using approval workflows in Stampli for everything else.

    Additional fee/expense allocations

    When additional costs being billed are not part of a PO, Stampli allows AP teams to add an item or expense line for the additional fee in Stampli without having to go back to NetSuite to handle the exception.


    Amortization schedules created in NetSuite can be imported into Stampli, coded to two specific date fields on a bill, and exported back to NetSuite.

    Native language support

    We allow non-English users to see list values imported to Stampli in their native language by mirroring the represented language in NetSuite.

    BFN (Built for NetSuite) certified

    This certification is provided by Netsuite to third-party integrations that meet the standards of quality, compatibility, and functionality with NetSuite. To maintain this certification, Stampli is tested quarterly.

    Unique Stampli role

    Stampli creates a special Stampli role in NetSuite so IT does not have to build it, and doesn’t have to worry about users gaining unauthorized access.

    Token-based authentication

    Stampli’s integration with NetSuite is a token-based authentication, so the security levels will match NetSuite’s standards.

    Automatic bundle updates

    Stampli automatically handles updates and upgrades NetSuite’s bundle, requiring no IT intervention when NetSuite updates its platform every six months.

    ERP Resources

    Yes, Stampli mirrors any custom fields you’ve set up in NetSuite and can map them to be used just as you do today. We also support bringing in results of your saved searches into custom fields, allowing you to maintain consistent reporting across the two systems.

    Virtually none. Stampli automatically handles updates to the NetSuite bundle every six months when NetSuite updates their platform, requiring no work from your IT team. We aim to make the integration as self-maintaining as possible.

    Absolutely. Stampli fully supports the OneWorld feature, enabling seamless management of multiple subsidiaries under one account. Subsidiary data like international taxes and default currencies flow between the platforms.

    Stampli imports your open POs and receiving data to enable accurate processing of PO-backed invoices entirely within our system. Whether you have partial shipments, cross-departmental orders, or other scenarios resulting in multiple POs on an invoice or multiple invoices for one PO, Stampli can handle it.

    Yes, we’ve engineered a way for you to keep approval workflows in NetSuite for bills that need to stay there. You get the best of both worlds – use NetSuite approvals where required while leveraging Stampli’s workflows for everything else.

    Stampli uses token-based authentication that matches NetSuite’s security standards. We create a unique Stampli role in your NetSuite so no unauthorized access is granted. As a Built for NetSuite certified Hybrid SuiteApp, we meet NetSuite’s high bar for security and compatibility. You can view Stampli on the NetSuite SuiteApp store.

    NetSuite Blog

    NetSuite and many other applications are enforcing two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. If your Stampli integration is using a NetSuite account that will require 2FA, you need to switch to token-based authentication (TBA).


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