AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

Stampli is for teams that want to modernize AP without disrupting their GP implementation in any way. Our pre-built GP integration supports all native functionality so you can retain your GP environment as you see fit. We can even support third-party add-ons.

Stampli MS Dynamics GP AP automation integration

Automatic Sync between
Microsoft Dynamics GP and Stampli

Sync Lists

Vendor List

Vendor List

GL Accounts

GL Accounts

Open PO's, Line Items, Receipts

Open PO's, Line Items, Receipts

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Invoices + Payments

Dynamics GP Invoice

Invoice Authorized for Payment

Payment Info

Payment Info

Layering modern AP seamlessly on Dynamics GP

Real-time syncing

Our “bridge application” enables real-time syncing for GP, even though it’s on premises

Multiple companies? No problem

Whether you use MEM or intercompany transfers, we can support you

Works with add-ons

If we don’t already support your add-ons, we can build it

Support for payments

Use Stampli Direct Pay without third-party add-ons that slow or lock the system

Billy the Bot™

Our Microsoft Dynamics GP integration is built in advance, built in-house, and built to completion

Stampli’s approach to integration creates an easy implementation without requiring changes to your GP configuration. You’ll streamline AP through a number of innovative capabilities, including:

Syncing and data transfer functionality

Real-time syncing
We’ve engineered a unique app to connect your on-premises ERP to our cloud. You don’t need to open firewalls or ports. The application updates automatically, so there’s no need to engage IT for updates. AP always knows they have the latest data, especially for POs.
No performance issues

Stampli’s unique approach to ERP syncing means lists stay in sync without loading delays. Unlike competitors, coders never see the product freeze while they wait for lists to load.

Data validation
We have a sophisticated validation algorithm to ensure data integrity. It extends to include: 

  • Correct values of data
  • No duplication of data
  • Correct business processes (such as POs, credit memos, inventory receipts, and others )
  • Ensuring the Invoice Due amount matches the payment amount 
  • Stopping payments that don’t match
  • Ensuring payment data exports before making a payment
  • Detecting and linking any invoices created manually in the ERP. 

  • With Stampli, GP is up-to-date and accurate. No bad data gets passed to the ERP.
    Multi-entity management

    Stampli supports the Multi-Entity Management add-on, allowing you to consolidate multiple companies into a single Stampli account. In addition, even if you have multiple GP databases for multiple companies, you will still only need one Stampli account.

    Intercompany transfers

    Stampli also supports intercompany transfers. No matter how you allocate cost across your company and other entities, you don’t have to change any of your processes.

    ERP migrations

    Some GP customers will move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as GP sunsets. We have extensive experience in ensuring continuity across ERP migrations, and can easily support your switch from GP to BC — or any other ERP for that matter.

    PO functionality

    Auto-populating PO header data

    Stampli maps the fields from the PO to the corresponding fields on the invoice. This includes standard fields such as vendors and projects. You don’t need to manually paste data from the ERP into Stampli.

    2-way and 3-way PO matching

    Stampli imports open POs and receiving data from GP. It also exports appropriate data, including any changes made to the PO. AP has up-to-date data to accurately process PO-backed invoices without having to work in the ERP or communicate using multiple platforms.

    Multiple POs on one invoice and vice versa

    Stampli supports the complex scenarios that occur when there are partial shipments, cross-departmental orders and more. AP can code an invoice to multiple POs, or process the same PO across multiple invoices.

    Coding and AP functionality

    Invoice payment status synced back

    Even for customers without Direct Pay, Stampli will sync back the payment status of an invoice from the ERP.  You don’t have to leave Stampli to learn whether or not a payment was executed.

    Many-to-many filtering

    Stampli enables dynamic filtering of field values based on many-to-many relationships, such as Entities, Locations, Vendors, GL Accounts, and others, including custom fields.

    Invoice batches based on standard or custom fields

    Stampli allows customers to create batches based on fields, such as invoice date, source, coder, or custom batch field. You actually have more flexibility in creating batches. In addition, you don’t have to change your post-approval workflow in GP.

    Support for payments

    GP customers can use Stampli Direct Pay! We’ve built support for payments without requiring third-party add-ons that slow or lock the system.

    Mark invoices as 1099

    Stampli imports a vendor’s 1099 status. On their invoices, it will automatically be identified as 1099, but you can deselect it on a case-by-case basis at the line level. The inverse is also true for vendors not marked as 1099.

    Multiple “remit to” addresses

    With Stampli you can select which address an invoice is tied to so it can be correctly uploaded and posted.

    What IT needs to know

    Stampli connects to Microsoft Dynamics GP via the Stampli Bridge

    The Stampli Bridge is installed on the same computer or server as eConnect, which allows the two systems to import/export data with each other.

    We can support third-party add-ons

    Stampli has already built support for a number of third-party add-ons, including MEM (Multi-Entity Management). We can build support for any additional third party add-on for a small project fee.

    ERP Resources

    Stampli employs a sophisticated validation algorithm to ensure correct data values, prevent duplication, maintain proper business processes, match invoice and payment amounts, and detect manual invoice creation in the ERP. This safeguards data integrity and guarantees only accurate data is passed between Stampli and Great Plains.

    Yes, Stampli supports the popular Multi-Entity Management (MEM) add-on, allowing multiple companies to be consolidated into a single Stampli account. For customers not using MEM, Stampli also handles intercompany transfers at the line level to allocate costs across entities without disrupting existing processes.

    Stampli can identify which third-party add-ons you use and has pre-built support for common ones like MEM, Job Cost by Wennsoft, and Service Call. For any additional add-ons, Stampli can build integration support for a small project fee, ensuring seamless compatibility with your essential Great Plains customizations.

    Stampli offers a non-disruptive implementation by connecting to Great Plains via the Stampli Bridge, installed on the same system as eConnect. The integration is built in-house, in advance, and to completion, minimizing IT involvement, reconfiguration needs, and costs. Stampli preserves existing functionality, so there’s no need to alter AP policies or processes.

    When exporting invoices into Great Plains, Stampli automatically tracks available vendor discounts and calculates them as credits. This allows you to capitalize on early payment discounts and save money without deviating from your Stampli-powered AP workflow.

    Stampli is committed to supporting Great Plains customers for the long haul. The integration accommodates your current and future Great Plains setup, including new versions and functionality changes. Stampli’s agile in-house development ensures quick adaptation to ERP updates and responsiveness to feature requests, allowing you to optimize AP operations while relying on Great Plains indefinitely. In addition, we have extensive experience with customers who migrate their ERP, and we can ensure continuity in your AP systems if you switch to Business Central or any other ERP.


    Watch our webinar, Stampli Connects: Microsoft Dynamics GP, to learn how you can automate your accounts payable processes without reworking your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.

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