Implementation doesn’t have to take months.

No other AP automation provider comes close to Stampli’s ease of deployment, quick learning curve, and in-house AP expertise. 

Stampli Implementation Guide

With a 94% rating on G2, Stampli has the highest “ease of setup” ranking of any major AP automation provider.

Stampli is the industry leader in ease of implementation. This is true regardless of which ERP you use, the complexity of your accounting environment or the size of your business. It’s even true if you’re migrating from another AP automation provider. Read more about how customers rank Stampli on G2.

Five reasons why
Stampli is so quick to implement.

Billy the Bot™


We mirror your ERP configuration


Our AI automatically learns your AP processes


We’re staffed by experts who know AP and your ERP


We’re easy to learn for finance teams and approvers alike


We evolve with you— including M&A, ERP migrations, and new AI technology.

1: We mirror your ERP configuration

Stampli synchronizes data between your ERP and the Stampli platform. This synchronization ensures that Stampli mirrors the fields and processes of your ERP, making the transition very straightforward. Automatic syncing ensures that any changes in your ERP data are quickly reflected in Stampli, keeping your data consistent across platforms.

  • The data that Stampli syncs includes general ledger accounts, master vendor list, cost center codes, open POs, projects and other essential information.
  • Stampli regularly syncs data in both directions. This synchronization can be set to occur automatically or can be manually triggered as needed.
  • Stampli supports ERP-specific data types. Examples include Oracle NetSuite’s Amortization feature, Sage Intacct’s Document workflows, Microsoft Business Central’s Dimensions, or Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Multi-entity Management modules.
  • We can support 3rd-party ERP add-ons. However, some additional development may be required. Please make sure to bring it up during the sales process!
  • Our ERP integrations are pre-built. You don’t have to worry about a long development timeline to integrate with your ERP!

“The integration didn’t even take 48 hours. Our AP clerks were entering invoices by themselves by the next day. Because of Stampli’s knowledge of <our ERP>, the integration went incredibly fast.”

JEREMIAH HEISEY, Financial Controller at Beyer Mechanical | Read his story

2: Our AI automatically learns your AP processes

Unlike with other providers, you don’t need to manually map out all your workflows and document all your edge cases. Stampli’s AI (we call it Billy the Bot™) automatically discovers your workflows by analyzing trends and patterns in the first few days of usage.

  • Billy quickly identifies who typically approves which types of invoices, what coding is usually applied, and other patterns.
  • Billy also learns the nuances of your approval workflows. For example, if higher invoice amounts require additional approvers, Billy figures this out.
  • As an AI, Billy is a learning technology. Every time you change its suggestions or alter your workflows, Billy adjusts itself.
  • Once Billy understands your workflows, it automates these processes. This includes suggesting routing workflows for approval, pre-filling coding fields based on past data, or flagging invoices that don’t fit established patterns for further review.

“Whenever you have AI suggesting data that will make it into your accounting systems you get a little nervous. What alleviated our concerns was that all of the data that Billy the Bot was populating were simply suggestions that could be overridden by our staff. As you get more familiar with Billy and begin to trust it more you will find yourself using it more, but you are able to ease into it at your own pace.”

– JORDAN HALES, Finance Director of Spanish Fork City | Read his story

3: We’re staffed by experts who know AP and your ERP

Our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) and Support team members are all required to have backgrounds in accounts payable. We often hire directly out of accounting departments.

  • With their background in accounts payable, a CSM can “speak the same language” as you and your team. This facilitates clear and effective communication, ensuring that your concerns and objectives are fully understood and addressed.
  • This knowledge is complemented by ERP-specific knowledge, which ensures they can address any technical issues promptly and effectively.
  • Taken together, this background lets your CSM provide strategic guidance to help you make the most of Stampli’s capabilities. They can suggest ways to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and manage cash flow more strategically.

“What really sets Stampli apart for me is their support team. They are hands down the best I’ve ever experienced. From the moment we signed on, they have been there every step of the way, assisting us with everything from initial setup to ongoing support. They are always available, extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and genuinely seem to care about our success.”

DARRELL TALBERT, CFO at Temeka Group | Read his review

4: We’re easy to learn for finance teams and approvers alike

Stampli is designed around the understanding that AP is as much a conversation as it is a process. It has a minimal learning curve, without sacrificing its power or configurability. New Stampli customers are often shocked at how easy Stampli is to learn.

  • Approvers rarely need training. The interface clearly presents the invoice they need to approve, the activity feed, any conversation or questions, contracts and other documents and context. Their next steps (approve, reject or ask a question) are intuitive.
  • For power users, such as AP and Finance team members, Stampli’s adaptability to your ERP means there are no unfamiliar elements, data types or terminology.
  • Even for power users, training typically requires a fraction of the time of other systems. Training is also more effective because your CSM has real-world experience in AP and “speaks your language.”
  • It’s not often needed, but we provide unlimited training sessions for any team member who asks.

“Any good software shouldn’t require a user guide. We should be able to use it with ease, and that’s what Stampli provides. There’s minimal training needed and our employees get up and running in no time.”

ANDREW MCCREARY, Director of Finance | Read his story

5: We evolve with you — including M&A, ERP migrations, and new AI technology

Any time you consider new technology, you must plan for future needs as well as your present state. Stampli is a safe decision for your company because we’ve built for growth and change. These forms of change include:

  • New people and processes. Generally, every business will regularly see change in approvers, vendors and workflows. Billy the Bot recognizes and adapts to these changes without any additional programming work or manual effort.
  • M&A activity. Stampli’s integration with your ERP syncs new entities, along with their vendor lists, coding practices, and approval workflows. However, if your new entity has a different ERP, you can easily spin up a separate but linked Stampli account. That entity will live under the same master account (for billing purposes) but can have different users, invoice fields, settings, etc.
  • ERP migrations. Stampli has extensive experience in supporting customers through an ERP migration process. Of all of the challenges this process brings to your finance team, account payable migration doesn’t have to be one of them.
  • Emerging industry technology. From our inception in 2015, our system was architected with AI embedded in our workflows. While other solutions that have bolted AI on after it became trendy, we have both the experience and the infrastructure to rapidly evaluate and adopt emerging technology.

“I could tell this wasn’t their first ERP migration. Stampli had both the people and processes to make migration easy and straightforward. I wasn’t passed off to a bunch of people, either — I had two points of contact end-to-end.”

JAYSON EATON, Accounting Manager at SBCERA | Read his story

What should you ask other providers about implementation?

If you are considering other AP automation providers, make sure you have clear answers on the following topics:

Typical answer from other providers

Is there a fee for initial user training?



Does the ERP remain the source of truth for financial data?



How long will it take to deploy?



Will you need to hire third-party implementation consultants?



Will you be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager?


Additional costs

Do their CSMs have AP or accounting backgrounds?



Is there live human (not AI) chat support?

24/7 Help Center

Available at higher support tiers

How much will additional user training cost?


Hourly rates

How long does it take to respond to a support request?

Less than 2 minutes

Hours or days, depending on your support tier

Case Study

Becker Studios sees 4X ROI on labor costs with Stampli

Stampli implements on top of QuickBooks Desktop in days, and AP immediately sees the change!

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AP Automation FAQs

The timeline depends on a number of factors, including your ERP and the complexity of your business. In the case of simpler businesses, the timeline can be measured in days. Larger businesses or more complex ERPs require more time, but it’s still a matter of weeks, not months.

No. Stampli supports all native functionality of your ERP. If any custom development work is required (we highly doubt it), Stampli’s team will handle it.

Stampli believes implementation should be as simple as possible. Your team will be asked to prepare information and attend onboarding sessions — but you won’t need to hire consultants or embark upon complex technical projects.

Depending on your ERP — yes — but minimal time and effort will be required from their end.

Ready to discuss implementation
with an AP expert?

Plan your implementation with Stampli with 
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Ready to discuss implementation
with an AP expert?

Plan your implementation with Stampli with 
our implementation experts.