Partnering with Stampli

Let Stampli provide the best AP automation experience for your customers — and for you.

You strive for the best outcomes for your customers.  We get that and we take it seriously. 

At Stampli, we can offer your customers the expertise, software, and resources for AP Automation success. 

Your customers will get full control and insight into their AP process with automation because we seamlessly integrate into their accounting systems. This results in a lot of time, headache, and money being saved — and a greater appreciation of your expertise and advice.


Stampli’s Partner Program is designed to let you add value for your clients and get rewarded without the hassle. We offer:

  • An easy referral process
  • Competitive revenue share for referrals
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Co-marketing resources

Who partners with us?

ERP Vendors
Companies that specialize in developing, implementing, and managing ERP software systems for other businesses.

Accounting Firms
Full-service firms providing Tax, Audit, Payroll, and consulting to clients.

Value-Added Resellers
Firms that provide expertise and support for accounting systems and business processes to help their clients become more efficient.

Here’s what Stampli partners experience:

  • A trusted team. Our team includes AP & ERP experts with real-world experience who support your customers end-to-end.
  • Creating value quickly. Stampli deploys in weeks, not months, with no ERP rework.
  • Dramatic improvement for customer AP. Stampli gives complete visibility and control over the entire AP process, while transforming team productivity.
  • A flexible sales process. Know that we treat your customers respectfully at each step.

Read how BT Partners and Stampli partner together for the best client experience in AP Automation.

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