AP Automation for Automotive

Stampli helps the Auto Industry processes invoices at full-throttle.

Built for Controlling the Road Ahead

Driving Accounts Payable into a class of their own

Whether you’re an auto manufacturer, OEM, aftermarket, dealership, mobility services or in repairs — we understand the automotive space is unique when it comes to managing supplier payments. Companies in the auto industry use Stampli AP Automation to increase internal controls and visibility throughout the entire invoice lifecycle.

Maintaining strong supplier relationships is easy with shorter invoice-to-pay cycles, which opens the door for early payment discount opportunities. Leverage our optional Vendor Portal to provide your suppliers with engagement tools and visibility on the status of invoices.

AP Automation for Automotive
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AP Automation Software Benefits for Automotive Industries


Paperless Approach

Our intelligent AP bot, Billy, uses advanced technologies (OCR, ML, AI) to instantly extract invoice data for accurate capture in real-time.


Remote Processing

Process and approve your supplier invoices with Stampli from any working location, at any time or on any device.


Accountability & Control

Connect stakeholders on top of the digital invoice with auditable log of all activities plus communication tools to ensure accountability, compliance and faster approvals.


Increased Visibility

Gain 365 visibility into invoice status and metrics using advanced search, reports, and management dashboard.


Data Integration

Easily integrate Stampli AP Automation into your specific procurement and accounting processes, and any financial system without IT support.

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Payment Freedom

Stampli gives you the freedom to use any payment option. Pay how you decide to, based on your unique industry needs.

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Fast Implementation

Maintain internal controls, existing processes, and preferences with our industry leading fast and flexible 1-day configuration.

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Customer Reviews

We put our customers first and they named Stampli AP Automation #1 in usability, support, implementation and satisfaction scores.

I can confidently say that with Stampli our invoice lifecycle is 48 hours or less per invoice. Before it took at least five days, and with our invoice backlog, it was probably much longer.
Jeremiah Heisey
Financial Controller, Beyer Mechanical
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Stampli Success Stories

Stampli Case Study - Invoice Processing - Beyer Mechancial
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Beyer Mechanical Reduces Invoice Processing Time and Transforms Month-End Close

Beyer Mechanical works with vendors in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and engages with thousands of customers for service and construction contracts.…
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