Stampli Pricing

Only Stampli lets you automate accounts payable without reworking your ERP. And our pricing is as simple as our implementation — including our integrated payments, credit cards, and more.
Stampli for
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable
Fully automated invoice capture
Contract flexibility
Entities / locations
Customer Success Manager
Team training
Stampli Beyond Accounts Payable
Beyond Accounts Payable
Stampli Direct Pay
Stampli Credit Card
Advanced Vendor Management
Stampli pricing
Monthly or annual contracts
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
 Anytime you need it
<90s response time
AP and ERP experts
Complete payment flexibility via ACH, check, credit card, wires, or any method outside of Stampli.
Free for Stampli customers
Virtual or physical cards
Expense management
Cash back on transactions
Manage vendor onboarding, documentation and communications
Other providers
May require additional managed services

Locked into annual contracts
Subject to additional fees
Subject to additional fees
Subject to additional fees, consultant hours,  or may not exist
Subject to additional fees
Subject to additional fees
Varies by vendor
Require you to use their specific payment system
Limited card functionality
Subject to additional fees
Limited vendor management functionality

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