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Take international payments out of the dark ages. Built for the modern era of AP, Stampli Direct Pay enables teams to pay vendors in 100+ countries with the same efficiency, visibility, and control as domestic.

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How Stampli supports International Payments

Stampli Direct Pay allows you to seamlessly pay vendors across 100+ countries, in USD or their local currency, without ever leaving Stampli. 


Built-in controls, including configurable approval workflows, ensure payments adhere to your policies. Payment data automatically syncs to your ERP for instant visibility with a complete audit trail for easy reconciliation.


Stampli streamlines international vendor onboarding by dynamically providing the banking requirements for each country. Manage all vendor payment details, such as IBAN and BIC numbers, alongside critical vendor documents from a single system. .


Stampli’s innovative approach to FX risk management provides real-time FX rates and allows you to set target FX rates for each currency. Payments are automatically executed when targets are met, optimizing conversion costs.

The problems that AP teams face

Paying international vendors through traditional banks can be a cumbersome and inefficient process. It often involves tedious and repetitive tasks, such as manually entering the vendor’s bank details each time a payment is made and navigating the different processes and requirements for each individual bank. 


This problem is compounded by the fact that invoice details, supporting documents, and related communications are typically separate from the payment processing system, resulting in constant back-and-forth between systems.


Additionally, banks provide limited visibility into current foreign exchange (FX) rates until the payment is actually executed, which may necessitate the use of a separate system to track FX rates. Finally, delays in receiving notifications for failed payments can lead to late payments and strained vendor relationships.

Stampli’s approach

Stampli Direct Pay enables efficient international vendor payments from a single system, eliminating time-consuming bank processes. Separation of duties and built-in controls reduce risks of incorrect amounts, over paying, duplicate payments, and fraud.


All activity is automatically tracked through an unbroken audit trail from invoice through payment. Real-time FX tracking and the ability to set target rates ensures you secure favorable conversion rates.


Collecting country-specific mandatory banking details simplifies international payments without needing to research individual country requirements.

Key features

International payments

Send international payments to vendors across 100+ countries.

Payment flexibility

Pay vendors in USD or their local currency in as little as two days.

Sync payment records

FX rate calculations are done automatically and synced to your ERP.

Set target foreign exchange (FX) rates

Get the most favorable conversion rates for foreign currency payments with real-time FX tracking.

Customizable FX approval process

Configure approvals based on amount or currency.

Built-in controls

Ensure all payments follow company policy and maintain separation of duties.

Vendor management

Collect bank details such as IBAN and BIC for international vendors by providing mandatory fields for each country.

Complete audit trail

Track all activity in a single place with complete visibility into all invoice and payment details.

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International Payments FAQ

Speak with our AP Experts to receive a full list of countries.

You can send payments in USD as well as the local currency of the recipient’s country. Real-time foreign exchange rates are provided.

International payments typically take 4-5 business days depending on the country.

Stampli allows you to set up custom approval workflows by payment amount or currency. Approval policies are automatically enforced.

Stampli will automatically prompt you to collect the mandatory bank details required for the vendor’s specific country, such as IBAN and BIC numbers.

Stampli automatically tracks and retains all payment data and activity for reporting and audit purposes. Payment data is also synced with your ERP.

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