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How AP automation gives LTC Ally the capacity to add 30 skilled nursing facilities a month

Skilled nursing facilities are notoriously complex from an accounts payable standpoint. But LTC Ally cracked the code.
Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities
Day to onboard any new facility’s AP processes

About LTC Ally

LTC Ally is a provider of back-office accounting services to more than 400 skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. When LTC Ally needed a scalable AP solution to keep pace with their ever-expanding roster of clients, Stampli’s integration with Sage Intacct proved to be the game-changer.

The Challenge & Solution


Growing more efficient when no two customers are the same

The good news: LTC Ally is growing at lightning speed, onboarding up to 30 new skilled nursing facilities a month. The hard part: each facility is a unique AP ecosystem in and of itself.

On its own, each individual nursing home represents its own entity with unique accounting needs, including managing distinct vendor relationships, coding preferences, approvals workflows, and distinct compliance requirements. Beyond that, there is the task of integrating each entity’s accounting data into LTC Ally’s Sage Intacct environment, which requires a detailed mapping of accounts and a deep understanding of each entity’s financial operations. 

This process is not a mere duplication of efforts; each entity is a unique puzzle requiring specialized solutions, creating a substantial challenge in terms of scalability and efficiency. 

In the past, LTC Ally had a constant ratio of staff-to-home. But not only was a constant ratio unsustainable, it wasn’t the right model. LTC Ally sought economies of scale — something that is especially important in an inflationary environment. How could they maintain their breakneck expansion and increase their levels of service when each new nursing home significantly amplified their administrative burden?

“Our business was scaling, but our AP operations were becoming increasingly complex and resource-intensive,” explains Sam Pirutinsky, Partner/VP of Finance at LTC Ally. “We needed to find a way to bring on new entities faster and more efficiently without the need to linearly scale our staff.”

Creating capacity to serve each customer better

“When we were first introduced to Stampli, we were concerned that implementation could be a months-long process. But Stampli promised us a one-day setup for each new facility. I’ll be honest: we were skeptical,” said Steve Zicherman, Partner/Executive VP of Finance at LTC Ally. “However, Stampli delivered. It was a clear demonstration of the commitment Stampli has to helping its customers hit the ground running.” 

Stampli is a Sage Recommended Solution for many reasons, but its strength in a multi-entity environment may be first and foremost. Stampli syncs over all relevant data from Sage Intacct for each entity, streamlining the detailed mapping of accounts without overlooking the unique characteristics of each entity’s financial operations. The automation not only speeds up the process but also ensures accuracy, eliminating the scope for human error. Once an entity is up and running, Stampli’s built-in AI learns each entity’s unique AP processes, speeding up invoice processing while ensuring accuracy and eliminating human error.

“Stampli mirrors the setup in Sage Intacct. There may be 20, 30, 40 entities, but Stampli mimics the structure,” said Pirutinsky. “It pulls in each entity’s vendors, GLs, POs, locations, departments, and any other important data. If there is an allocation, you do it in Stampli and it syncs into Intacct. If there are custom fields, Stampli supports those custom fields.” 

Moreover, LTC Ally’s staff can focus on their strategic work for each customer because day-to-day management is eased by Stampli’s AI, Billy the Bot. By auto-suggesting invoice data fields, Billy substantially reduces the manual data entry workload, further enhancing the efficiency and scalability of LTC Ally’s operations. Billy does the work while the human validates it — which frees the human for more impactful work.

“Stampli enabled us to grow without proportionally increasing our staff,” notes Pirutinsky. “Our ratio of employee-to-facility has dropped significantly with our implementation of Stampli. We see this as a significant revenue driver: We’re able to onboard more nursing homes more rapidly, and this has directly impacted our bottom line. 

“Stampli is not just an accounts payable solution; it’s an enabler of our business growth.”

Hear it from the customer

This hasn’t just been a cost-saving measure for us, it’s also a significant revenue driver. We’re able to onboard more nursing homes more rapidly, and this has directly impacted our bottom line.

Sam Pirutinsky
Partner/VP of Finance at LTC Ally

Bottom Line

A smooth ending to every month

The close process is a smooth, efficient operation. Invoice and vendor data is instantly accessible and transparent, reducing the time spent hunting down information and clarifying discrepancies. Not only has this led to more accurate financial reporting, but it also dramatically accelerated the close timeline. “It even helps with accruals, because we don’t have to guess about what’s coming,” said Zicherman. “We know what will come through after we close the books.”

Visibility into the bottlenecks

The transparency Stampli affords LTC Ally doesn’t stop at the AP process itself. Stampli’s platform surfaces approval timing data, which facilitates evidence-based discussions about bottlenecks and hold-ups, turning an opaque issue into one that can be surgically addressed. “With Stampli, we can identify exactly where a hold-up is, who is responsible, and how to follow up with them,” said Zicherman. “When a customer tells us, ‘I’d like to do a better job of closing the month’, we can demonstrate where things are really being held up.”

An AP system that users actually like?

LTC Ally’s internal team experienced a significant ease in their daily operations with the deployment of Stampli, but the real testament came from the approvers in the field. Stampli’s user-friendly solution and intuitive design made the invoice approval process less tedious, and more importantly, faster, especially for approvers who may not be tech savvy and don’t want to sit through long training sessions. “We constantly get comments from clients about how easy Stampli is to use,” said Pirutinsky. “Stampli is heads and shoulders simpler and easier to work with.” 

Support and partnership

A cornerstone of Stampli’s offering goes beyond just the product; it’s the level of support and partnership that truly sets it apart. Stampli focuses on hiring team members with experience in AP and ERPs, and it shows: LTC Ally was struck by the team’s readiness to collaborate, prompt responsiveness, and deep understanding of the complexities of the industry and Sage Intacct. “They’re eager to help, they’re dedicated and they understand our needs,” says Pirutinsky. “I also like that they’re very honest. They’ll tell us when they can’t do something, but then they’ll work with us to put it on their roadmap.”

Case Study

How LTC Ally Stepped It Up

Download the case study to learn how LTC Ally cracked the code to onboarding 400+ skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

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