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Get visibility and control over employee credit card purchases.

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How Stampli supports Expense Cards

Stampli Expense Cards redefine how accounts payable (AP) teams handle employee expenses. Designed to streamline expense management while enhancing fraud prevention and spending oversight, these cards offer customizable spending limits, many card types, and other controls to ensure spending stays within company policy.

With Stampli, transaction information is available in near real-time and seamlessly synced with your ERP, eliminating manual data entry and promoting real-time financial clarity.
The problems that face AP teams

Managing employee expenses poses significant challenges for businesses, including the lack of spending visibility, cumbersome reconciliation processes, heightened fraud risks, inefficient management of receipts and expense reports, and poor integration with ERPs. These challenges often lead to overspending or spending outside of company policy, reporting inaccuracies, and operational inefficiencies, impacting the company’s bottom line.

Stampli’s approach
Stampli sets itself apart by offering an all-in-one system for AP and expense management, fully integrated with your ERP for real-time visibility and control. Our mobile app facilitates on-the-go receipt capture and expense submission, while diverse card types and MCC code restrictions ensure compliance with company policies.

Expense Cards not only streamline the expense management process but also significantly reduces the risks of fraud and policy violations, ensuring operational efficiency and financial integrity.

Key features

Seamless ERP Integration

Effortlessly syncs card transactions with your ERP, streamlining reconciliation and financial reporting.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

Instant access to transaction details, enabling proactive spending oversight and policy compliance.

Receipt Library

Simplifies expense documentation, with automatic receipt-to-transaction matching for easier submission.

Automatic Expense Submission

Configure expenses to automatically submit for approval when all necessary details (like vendor, date, amount, category, receipt, etc.) are captured.

Mobile App

Capture receipts and manage expenses directly from the mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Physical and virtual cards

Employees who prefer it or need a card for business expenses that occur outside the office can be issued a physical card.

Diverse Card Types

Available options include: Single use cards for one time purchases; multi-use cards for multiple purchases up to the cards limit. Credit limits can refresh on a time-based cycle; “reset limit to zero” cards can be configured to expire.

MCC Code Restriction

Purchase types can be restricted based on MCC codes, ensuring that spend for any individual card remains within company policy.

Customizable Approval Workflows

Set approval workflows for both requesting cards and approving expenses, based on characteristics that include department, card limits, and more.

Stampli Success Stories


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Expense Cards FAQ

Credit card transactions are automatically synced with your ERP system, eliminating manual data entry and providing near-real-time data on credit card spend. Syncing happens with the same frequency as invoice data. Depending on your ERP, Stampli syncs back as frequently as every five minutes (or instantly, if you trigger it manually).

Expenses can be configured to auto-submit for approval once all required details are captured, streamlining the approval process.

Lost or stolen Stampli Cards can be immediately reported and deactivated through the platform, minimizing the risk of unauthorized transactions. It’s simple to issue new cards.

Yes, employees can receive email and push notification reminders to submit their expenses, and cards can be automatically suspended if reports are not submitted according to company timelines.

Yes, Stampli allows you to customize spending limits and card types, ensuring compliance with company policies.

Employees can easily capture and store receipts in the Receipt Library via desktop or the mobile app, making them readily available when submitting expenses, which reduces the likelihood of lost receipts and simplifies expense reporting.

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