Advanced Vendor Management

Onboarding & managing vendors can be complex. Stampli makes it easy. 

Make vendor onboarding, management, and maintenance a breeze. Stampli’s powerful AP Automation platform provides Advanced Vendor Management to keep vendor records and documents up-to-date to control spend, stay compliant, while strengthening vendor relationships.

Advanced Vendor Management Stampli

Built for the way YOU run AP

Unify AP and vendor management

Manage even more AP processes from within one system

Configure multiple onboarding workflows

Create distinct onboarding processes for multiple vendor types and ensure they’re followed

Automatically track document expiration

Notify vendors and internal stakeholders before expiring documents put them out of compliance

Block payments for non-compliance

Enforce vendor accountability by disabling payments if your requirements aren’t met

Onboard Vendors with Ease

Collect & maintain vendor information such as payment methods, bank account details, address, and more.

Require critical vendor documents such as W9s, licenses, and insurance before paying bills.

Keep documents up-to-date by automatically notifying vendors when documents are about to expire.

Onboarding Made Easy for Vendors

Vendor Management Made Simple

Create any number of onboarding forms to define what is required for different vendor types.

Ensure all information & documents are collected before paying vendors.

Review any changes made to vendor details to reduce risk of fraud.

Easily Manage Vendors

Keep Vendors in the Loop

Communicate with vendors more efficiently by centralizing communications in one place.

Reduce back-and-forth by providing instant access to invoice & payment status.

Direct vendors to upload invoices & update payment details directly in the Vendor Portal.

Loop in Vendors

Customize & Brand Vendor Experiences

Customize log-in pages, email invites, and more with your company logo & color.

Craft on-brand invitation emails with an easy-to-customize invitation template.



Customize Vendor Experiences

Happy Vendors, Happy Life

Managing and working with vendors is critical to a company's success.
See how Stampli can help you build great relationships with them today.

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