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Stampli is for AP teams that want more efficient invoice processing automation without the expenses and disruption of a major development project. Our pre-built SAP ECC integration supports all your native functionality with no development or IT overhead.

Automatic Sync
between SAP ECC and Stampli

Sync Lists

Vendor List

Vendor List

GL Accounts

GL Accounts

Open PO’s, Line Items, Receiving

Open PO’s, Line Items, Receiving

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Other Fields e.g., WBS, Cost Centers, Project, etc.

Invoices + Payments

SAP Invoice

Stampli Invoice: Coded & Approved

Link to Stampli Invoice

Link to SAP Invoice

Payment Info*

Vendor List

*ABAP programs required for these data integration flows are provided by Stampli

Working in concert with SAP ECC

Unlimited user licenses

Grant permissions with varying levels of access, without creating new costs

Behind the firewall

SAP stays behind the firewall since no external BAPI access is required.

No SAP programming

Stampli will write the ABAP programs and create a Stampli Transport for installation

Use existing SAP logic

Integration leverages standard SAP functions, e.g., MIRO, FB60, and F53

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How Stampli solves common accounts payable challenges in SAP ECC

Stampli enables enterprises to streamline AP without modifying their SAP implementation or their corporate structure. This is enabled through a number of innovative capabilities, including:


The SAP menu design organizes related functions into separate sections, adding complexity to tasks that involve manual menu navigation or the use of T-codes for quicker access. Stampli offers an intuitive, single-screen interface that enhances user experience, removing T-code dependency.

Invoice processing

SAP differentiates invoice sections for PO-backed and expense invoices, which requires navigation between the two for invoice processing. Stampli provides a single filterable view for all invoice and expense types.


While SAP’s workflow organizes departments distinctly, this can challenge AP’s access to information as it creates silos. Stampli’s facilitates interdepartmental communication on top of the digital invoice, thereby streamlining information flow, accountability, and context.

PO matching

SAP requires a dual-screen approach for matching invoices to POs, involving multiple documents and a need to navigate through several sub-tabs for accurate matching. Stampli enables PO-to-invoice matching without the extensive clicking and or the need for multiple screens.


Finance personnel are required to build custom views for AP to access reports in SAP. Stampli provides readily accessible reports with built-in analytics and visibility into invoices, employee productivity, and AP processes.


SAP’s structured system is designed for consistency, so it often requires consultants or IT support to update workflows when processes change. While Stampli also provides fixed workflows, customers can opt for dynamic workflows powered by AI and machine learning that automatically learn your processes and make adjustments upon changes, which reduces the dependency on workflow customizations.

Unexpected charges

Businesses that use POs commonly need to add additional fees depending on certain freight and delivery criteria. Stampli supports this functionality to give you the flexibility to add expenses as needed.

Multiple suppliers on one PO

Some SAP-powered businesses will have POs filled by multiple vendors. Stampli makes the PO available as many times as required, based on which lines are tied to which vendors.

True 3-way matching

Sometimes a vendor and a customer will use different units of measurement. Stampli enables AP teams to match received amounts and invoice amounts regardless if the vendor uses the same unit of measure as the business uses for their inventory.

ERP Resources

Yes. Stampli supports both. All data needed to code invoices is available in Stampli. Once processed, Stampli will sync data back to SAP to create Finance and Logistics invoice records.

Yes. Stampli supports 2- and 3-way PO Matching. In addition to viewing open POs & receiving, AP teams can add multiple POs, and additional charges such as taxes, shipment costs, etc.

Yes. No external BAPI access is required. Stampli’s pre-built integration ensures your system is secure and protected.

Yes. Stampli supports businesses with multiple companies and complex AP processes.

Stampli connects to SAP by downloading & installing the Stampli bridge on your computer and deploying the Stampli transport package in SAP.

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