AP Automation for QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop accounts payable automation chart


Maximize Your QuickBooks Desktop Investment

Automate accounts payable while using QuickBooks Desktop as your financial system of record. Automating invoice approvals for companies using QuickBooks Desktop is easy with Stampli. Use Stampli’s unique collaboration hub, advanced technologies, and intuitive interface to smartly and efficiently control the lifecycle of your vendor bills.

Stampli’s AP automation application offers an agent-based file integration that automatically syncs invoice coding, invoice information, and payment data between QuickBooks and Stampli — with minimal effort from you or your IT team.


Smart Paperless AP

Automate & streamline AP with AI, machine learning, & advanced technologies

Built-in Comms

See conversations on top of the invoice — trackable, reportable, audit-ready and actionable

365 Visibility & Control

Use reports, dashboard, & audit-ready history of all invoice activities

Existing Processes & Systems

Work with QuickBooks & current processes with flexibility to meet new requirements

Payment Freedom

Gain the freedom to use any payment options — today and tomorrow


Fast Time to Value

Get started in just one day without IT support or changes to existing processes

Loved by All

Win points by offering easy-to-use app with anytime, anywhere, on any device access

Fraud Prevention

Enforce controls with segregation of duties and automatically flag duplicate invoices

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