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Stampli AP Cards route your credit card transactions through your AP processes.

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How Stampli supports AP Cards

With Stampli AP Cards, credit card transactions are routed through your regular invoice processing workflows. This offers increased visibility and control by letting you manage your credit card transactions with the same ease and efficiency as your invoice processing. Stampli AP Cards seamlessly integrate with the Stampli AP automation platform for a unified, efficient AP process.

The problems that face AP teams

Traditionally, managing credit card transactions in accounts payable has been a disjointed and manual process. Teams often battle with limited visibility into spending, cumbersome manual data entry, and the hassle of managing multiple systems for different payment methods. This leads to inefficiencies and human errors as teams struggle to control spend in a timely manner. The result is a fragmented, inefficient, and error-prone AP process.

Stampli’s approach
Stampli brings credit card management into the fold of AP processes — giving you increased efficiency, visibility, and control. With AP Cards, you can now manage your credit card transactions as easily as you do invoices, all within one integrated system.

This solution eliminates the need for manual data entry, offers real-time visibility into credit card spend, and simplifies documentation by centralizing everything. Plus, with the ability to pre-code purchases, it’s simple to process credit cards transactions. Stampli not only optimizes your AP process, it ensures that your card transactions are in compliance with your financial policies.

Key features

Invoice-Like Transaction Processing

Process credit card transactions within your familiar invoice workflow for seamless management.

ERP Synchronization

Automatically sync credit card transactions with your ERP, providing near-real-time visibility into spend without manual entry.

Spending Controls

Enforce spending policies by setting limits and restricting usage to certain vendors or categories for any individual card.

Approval Workflows

Customize approval workflows for card requests based on specific amounts, with up to 3 levels of approval and up to 3 approvers per level.

Pre-Coded Cards

Facilitate easy transaction processing with pre-coded cards for specific business purchases.

Virtual Cards

Instantly create secure virtual cards for safe and controlled spending. (Physical cards are also available.)

Mobile App

Managers can approve card requests and manage cards on the go. Cardholders can easily upload receipts at the point of purchase.


Earn up to 1% cashback on eligible card purchases, adding value back to your organization.

Stampli Success Stories


Faster vendor payments for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Learn how LA Area Chamber of Commerce was able to pay vendors faster and more securely with Stampli’s AP card.

AP Cards FAQ

Stampli AP Card transactions will appear in Stampli as new invoices, allowing AP teams to process them side by side and with all the same powerful coding and approving automations like Billy the Bot.

Yes, you can define spending limits and restrict card usage to specific vendors or categories, ensuring compliance with your spending policies.

Stampli provides various types of secure, virtual cards, such as single-use cards that can be used once, multi-sue cards that can be used up to the card limit (life a gift card), traditional cyclical cards with a balance that resets every billing cycle, and reset-limit-to-zero cards that can have a card limit added when necessary.

Credit card transactions are automatically synced with your ERP system, eliminating manual data entry and providing near-real-time data on credit card spend. Syncing happens with the same frequency as invoice data. Depending on your ERP, Stampli syncs back as frequently as every five minutes (or instantly, if you trigger it manually).

Yes, there is a mobile app for both managers and cardholders to approve requests, manage spending, and upload receipts easily. The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Your organization can earn up to 1% cashback on eligible purchases made with Stampli AP Cards, adding value back to your bottom line.

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