The only finance automation platform that’s centered on Accounts Payable

Stampli centers on the AP process to drive efficiency across the procure-to-pay lifecycle — including payments, credit cards, vendor engagement and more.

AI first and AP first

Drive major productivity gains with Billy the Bot, the AI copilot that understands your cost accounting rules, not just your invoice data.

What makes Stampli different?

Implement without major internal resources

Our pre-built ERP integrations support all native functionality. No need to re-engineer your ERP or change your AP policies.

Get onboarding and support from true experts

Stampli’s team members have AP and ERP backgrounds. They understand your needs, not just our software.

Choose a platform for the future

We adapt as you evolve, be it new AP policies, new people, ERP updates, even M&A. And we innovate years ahead of the industry.

Key elements of Stampli’s AP automation

Billy the Bot: A true AI copilot
Our AI goes well beyond OCR or chat: It actually learns your organization, approval process and cost accounting rules to act as a true copilot for your AP teams.

Billy processes $50B+ invoices a year and has saved our customers millions of hours of labor.
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Approver communications made easy
Stampli’s unique interface orients all documentation and communications around the invoice.

Messaging happens directly within the platform — even messaging with vendors, if you choose. And every message leaves an audit trail. Learn more→
A full AP platform — and growing
Stampli’s platform extends well beyond invoice processing, with new products on the way. Our platform includes:

  • Direct Pay for domestic and international payments
  • Stampli Credit Cards for both AP purchases and expenses
  • Advanced Vendor Management for centralizing vendor engagement within Stampli
  • Key capabilities of Stampli’s AP Automation

    Fully automated invoice capture

    Invoice data is automatically extracted when the invoice arrives

    AI copilot

    Billy the Bot learns business, approval processes and cost accounting rules

    In-product messaging

    Consolidate all of AP’s messaging into a single channel that’s centered on each invoice

    Audit trails

    Every activity is logged, including approvals, rejections, questions, answers, and field updates

    Unlimited multi-entity support

    Manage complex AP across subsidiaries, departments, offices, locations or other entities

    Simple approver experience

    One screen for reviewing invoices, checking documentation, asking questions and more

    PO support

    Streamlined 2- and 3-way PO match. Process partial amounts, update and add line items, and more

    GL table templates

    Use predefined templates that auto-populate multiple line items in an invoice

    AP assignments

    Build routing workflows based on BU, region, department, vendor or other criteria

    Mobile app

    AP teams, approvers and credit card users can manage AP workflows on the go

    Vendor portal

    Manage vendor details & documents, respond to questions, update invoice status & more

    Support from AP experts

    Customer support is staffed by experts with real-world AP and ERP experience

    Additional capabilities

    Stampli supports how companies of all size do business

    Broader platform capabilities

    Extend control and visibility further into your AP processes

    Stampli adapts to your ERP

    Our product mirrors your ERP setup.

    Compare Stampli to the competition


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    Invoice Processing FAQs

    AP Automation from Stampli streamlines the accounts payable invoice approval process by automatically identifying & reminding the correct approvers. 

    AP Automation enables businesses to keep all details & documents such as W-9s, contracts, and more in one place. Eliminate the need for manual data entry with seamless ERP integrations and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology.

    Not with Stampli! We offer numerous integrations to connect directly with 70+ ERP systems. Stampli’s integrations ensure up-to-date and constant data flow between systems via an API, Bridge, or File integration. All integrations support native AP functionality of your ERP, and can continue to scale with your business as it grows.

    Invoices can be emailed, uploaded, scanned in, and more. Invoice fields are digitally captured using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make invoice processing fast & easy.

    Stampli’s very own, Billy the Bot, can auto-populate fields and identify approvers based on your specific accounting process.
    Yes. Stampli makes the invoice itself a communication channel. Stampli records all activity such as comments, questions, and answers in a central and searchable location. 

    Invite both internal & external users, such as vendors, to the conversation while limiting what they can see.
    Stampli AP Automation securely stores all invoice-related documents electronically. Documents often include supplier invoices, files and contracts, W-9s, and invoice history.

    Where there is an integration with an ERP or accounting system, documents like Purchase Orders (POs) allow for easy access to adjustments and real-time receiving information of POs from your ERP.

    Ready to automate AP without disrupting your ERP?

    Meet with one of our AP experts to get started.