5 Things That Make Stampli the Most Flexible AP Automation Platform

5 Things That Make Stampli the Most Flexible AP Automation Platform

We’ve all been there. Using a software that doesn’t really fit with how we work during our day. This software might be just a little too this. That one just a little too that. None are really just right. It’s a Goldilocks challenge.

But teams and companies come in all sizes and shapes. And, as a result, our working needs come in all sizes and shapes, too. Rather than being forced to fit into a generic “One Size Fits All” model, wouldn’t it be great if more technology adapted to our unique needs or processes? 

We think so at Stampli

That’s why flexibility has always been a big focus here. We want Stampli to fit just right into your existing process. Since the beginning, we’ve invested heavily in features and functions that make Stampli flexible to meet diverse AP needs and requirements – at the company-level, the team-level and the individual-level. 

To give you a taste of just how adaptable Stampli can be, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite “flexibility” features. 

1. Create Your Dream AP Team with Stampli’s Super Fine-Tuned User Permissions

Stampli’s level of permissioning is unlike any other AP Automation platform. Knowing that AP Teams look different across company sizes and makeups, we’ve made it incredibly easy for System Admins to assign exactly the right permissioning to everyone on the team. In fact, you can enforce customer-specific process & controls with over 10 user permissions that can be configured for each user.

2. Increase Efficiency by Streamlining Your Coding and Invoice Processing Flows

When you’re charged with handling a high volume of invoices – or really any volume of invoices – every shortcut or customization can make a huge difference in your day-to-day efficiency.

In Stampli, there are multiple ways to create your most efficient coding or invoicing flows. For example, you can configure the invoice coding layout exactly how you need it to be. This includes the ability to rearrange field order, hide or reveal fields based on role, make certain fields mandatory depending on stage (ie. authorization vs. coding), and even create fields with customized dropdown lists. Plus, you can bring any fields needed to code invoices seamlessly from your ERP.

3. Flexibly Route Every Invoice to Exactly the Right People, Teams, and Locations

Invoicing flows can be sophisticated. This rings true for any company – big or small – that has complex AP needs, or multiple entities. Rather than locking you into a select few options for pushing invoices through processing, Stampli’s made it easy for customers to route every invoice to exactly the right AP individuals, teams, or locations. 

Learn about flexible AP Assignments here

4. Enhance the Systems You Already Use with Stampli’s Depth of Integrations

When bringing Stampli into your stack, we don’t want you to have to then wrangle two separate systems. We don’t think systems should compete like that. When integrating Stampli with something like an ERP, the result is to make your existing processes and systems better

For example, when processing invoices in Stampli you can automatically create invoice/bill records in your ERP – no manual data entry needed. Managing multiple subsidiaries? No problem. Easily switch between different different subsidiaries/entities/companies using a single Stampli account. Do you have international subsidiaries that need to track VAT/GST taxes on their invoices? They can do so in Stampli. The list goes on.

Check out the level of depth in our NetSuite, QBD, QBO, Intacct integrations here.

5. Pay However You Need To – With Stampli or Outside Stampli

Our goal isn’t to push you or your vendors to any particular payment methods. Rather, our goal is to make your entire payment process easier – from payment approval to reconciliation. Based on that, we’re agnostic towards which payment provider you use. If you want to use Stampli alongside your current payment provider, that’s great! If you want to use Stampli for the AP process and payments, we’ve made it enjoyable to do so. 

You can learn more about Stampli Direct Pay here

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