AP Automation: The How, The Why, The ROI

AP Automation - How, Why, Return on Investment (ROI)

By Ernie Humphrey, CTP, Treasury Webinars

AP automation demanded the attention of Controllers and CFOs in 2020 as working in a remote environment exposed and magnified weaknesses in accounts payable processes and systems at companies of all sizes and across all industries. That is why I partnered with Stampli to conduct the AP Automation: The How, The Why, The ROI survey.

The missions of this survey are to:

  • Help treasury and finance professionals better understand why companies have, and have not, invested in AP automation.
  • How companies are leveraging automation in AP.
  • Why companies are, and are not, realizing an ROI to investing AP automation. 

The results were revealing to say the least. In my upcoming webinar, I go into the nuances and details of why and how companies are using AP automation platforms, and the specific ROI benefits they’ve seen post-adoption. I’ll cover interesting responses seen in the survey as well as identifiable trends among companies who are finding the most benefit from using an AP Automation platform. Enroll in the webinar to get the insights.

Watch the AP Automation: The How, The Why, The ROI webinar on-demand for a deep dive into the 2021 survey results.

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