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The CFO’s Playbook for The 2023 Economy


The CFO’s Playbook for The 2023 Economy
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Title: The CFO’s Playbook for The 2023 Economy

Businesses are dealing with a number of issues stemming from an economic contraction – from rising inflation rates and supply chain disruptions to competing for talent in a tight labor market. As a result, CFOs are being charged with making key financial decisions to overcome the challenges of a slowing economy and to ensure business continuity.

Hear from our expert panel of CFOs on how they are evaluating, tracking, and planning for economic disruptions both now and in the coming years.

Watch this complimentary webinar to learn:

  • How CFOs are approaching hiring and other staffing decisions
  • What supply chain issues CFOs are experiencing, and how they are handling supply disruptions
  • CFOs take on planning related to cash management, cost control, pricing, and changing customer preferences
  • Decisions CFOs are making in a changing competitive environment
  • And more!