Route Every Invoice to Exactly the Right AP Individuals, AP Teams and AP Flows

Route Every Invoice to Exactly the Right AP Individuals, AP Teams and AP Flows

A big differentiator of Stampli is our platform’s degree of flexibility. We’ve intentionally built Stampli to adapt nicely to your processes – not the other way around. One way of the ways we’ve done this is by giving accounts payable (AP) professionals the ability to conveniently and easily route every invoice to the right people, teams, or entities, depending on the unique invoice processing needs. We call this feature AP Assignments.

Why We Invested in AP Assignments

No two companies operate in exactly the same way. Naturally, that means no two AP Departments will have identical invoice processing needs. Stampli was created with the goal of meeting any company’s diverse AP flows – sophisticated or straightforward, big or small. With AP Assignments, AP professionals can efficiently orchestrate the perfect invoice processing flow for every scenario.

Benefits of AP Assignments

  • Support every invoice processing flow, no matter how complex. Does your East Coast
    invoicing flow look different from your West Coast flow? In Stampli, you can easily assign
    invoices accordingly. Use AP Assignments for invoice coding flows, routing for invoice
    approvals, authorization for sending the invoice to ERP and payment approvals, and
    payment authorizations.
  • Increase control and reduce risk. Users will only be able to view and take action on invoices assigned
    to them, allowing for proper segregation of duties at every step.
  • Benefit from maximum efficiency. Eliminate redundancy and run-arounds by ensuring
    every invoice gets routed in the most efficient way possible.

Common Use Cases for AP Assignments

Many companies can benefit from the flexibility offered by AP Assignments, but we’ve seen particularly high value for companies with:

  • Multiple offices, branches, regions, entities, locations and/or subsidiaries
  • Multiple vendors, suppliers, or contractors
  • Distributed AP teams or processes
  • Distributed departments, business units, or profit center
  • Complex invoice routing for AP processing

Why Our Customers Love AP Assignments

“We deal with 11 different nursing facilities currently and Stampli has very ably created a system that breaks each facility into its own entity and allows us to keep bills organized and efficiently processed through their individual facility.” 

“Stampli has allowed our company to implement a simple, yet efficient process allowing each of our subsidiaries to approve/reject/amend invoices that are then loaded into our ERP system.”

Learn More About Stampli

Stampli is a team-based solution designed to make each stage of the AP lifecycle empowering and efficient for everyone involved. Stampli carefully tailors the invoice processing experience by stakeholder – AP Staff, Approvers, Management, and Vendors – giving each individual a delightful experience based on their unique invoice processing needs. The right information is always presented to the right person at the right time, resulting in invoice processing times that are 5x faster. 

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