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Invoice Approval Software for Services Companies

When it comes to the services industry, Accounts Payable
faces some unique challenges .

These include:​

  • Dealing with multiple approvers in multiple locations. Accounts Payable must manage complicated communications around each invoice.
  • Invoices arrive to different sites directly or through centralized email, and sometimes get lost on the way.
  • Contractor and vendor inquires regarding invoice status takes up much of AP’s time and energy.
  • Manual AP processes used in many property management companies are inefficient and slow down productivity. The invoice approval process can be especially tiresome to Accounts Payable employees who already have enough on their plate.
  • Manual processes risk duplicate payments.

Collaborative Invoice Approval Solutions for Services Companies

Services managers who deal with multiple vendors and contractors distributed across different sites, understand that true collaboration could bring a new dimension to effective invoice management.

Interactive invoice management allows every step of the invoice approval process to be managed from a central digitized invoice landing page. This is a huge help to Accounts Payable who must communicate with multiple people across multiple locations to manage invoice approvals.

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Here is how it works:

Collaborative software that organizes and tracks all activity around an invoice in a center feed on top of
the invoice itself. It connects people in real-time across locations, and from any device.
No more following lengthy email chains!

Each manager should have the ability to access their own
environment within the system where they can manage their invoices before sending to centralized AP for payment.

Involve contractors/vendors to clarify issues and understand invoice status.

Audit trail for audit purposes and providing stakeholders context.

Easily locate and understand the status of every invoice at every point in the process.

Save up to 80% of time that is normally spent chasing invoice approvals.

Customer Story

“Stampli has allowed us to completely streamline our AP process by reducing a ton of unnecessary paperwork. It allows the property manager to do most of the work up front so that by the time an invoice reaches Accounts Payable, it’s been through a complete approval process and there is no guess work. On top of making AP much simpler we’ve integrated Stampli with SAGE 100 so that the AP record retains a link back to Stampli so we can see the original image and the entire history of every payable.

Stampli was super easy to implement and has exceeded our expectations.”

-James Piper
SIMA Management Corporation

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