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Product Features

Get invoices approved 5X faster

Upload, Assign, and Index Invoices

Upload invoices to Stampli via email. Invoices may be sent to a single recipient or multiple recipients (addressed by location/department etc)

Invoice approvers are notified by email, and receive automatic reminders.

Index invoices using custom fields, and leverage Stampli’s machine learning for automatic indexing.

Integration Partners

Continue working with your existing ERP, and manage the invoice approval process within Stampli.​

Connect NetSuite, Intacct or QuickBooks to Stampli for automatic importation of data e.g. vendors list, GL Account, Purchase Orders. Stampli will automatically export back approved invoices.​

Contact us to learn about standalone options.


Interactive Approval Flow

Collaborate on an invoice using the center activity feed from either desktop or mobile devices. Ask questions, respond and access activity history in real-time, all from the same location.

Advanced Search

Search invoices as easily as a Google search. Stampli captures every change on the invoices so every field update, approval or comment is tracked and can be later accessible via search.

Management Dashboard

Get a high-level view of Accounts Payable activity. The dashboard displays reports of invoices’ statuses, e.g. bottlenecks, late invoices, and spend tracking. Identify the users prone to delaying invoices for follow up.

Vendor Portal

Include your vendors in the conversation. Invite them to their own Portal where they can view real-time invoice statuses.

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