Streamline AP Processing with Stampli’s Oracle Fusion Integration

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We know most organizations that use Oracle Fusion are larger companies, with multiple entities, vendors, and complex approval processes. So to help those companies process invoices more efficiently, we’re excited to introduce our pre-built integration with Oracle Fusion. Stampli’s pre-built API integration provides AP Automation for your business.

Challenges in the AP world today

Manual invoice processing is slow and increases the risk of errors, and it’s difficult to get the invoice and the right supporting documentation to individuals involved with invoices. Poor communication slows the invoice approval process, and vendors may be paid late resulting in late fees or tarnished relationships. 

If AP processing isn’t fully automated, businesses face a number of challenges.  Documents may be spread out in file cabinets, on someone’s desk,  in multiple email folders, or stored in other software applications. 

Working with manual documents creates problems. Coding invoices takes much longer, and manual invoices may be difficult to read.  To match invoices with purchase orders and shipping receipts, AP must locate and compare all three paper documents. Finding the correct documents adds time to the process. Finally, manually entering data into the ERP takes more time and produces more errors.

Managers need a central location to review the invoice, other documents, and all communications related to a specific invoice.

Stampli is the only AP automation solution that doesn’t make you rework your ERP or change your AP processes. Stampli’s solution completely centralizes AP, so you don’t need workarounds, spreadsheets, or manual work in the ERP. Stampli makes AP much less time-consuming thanks to Billy the Bot —  the only AP AI assistant that does the tedious manual work for you across the entire invoice process.

Introducing Stampli’s Oracle Fusion integration

Stampli is one of the few AP automation providers that has a seamless pre-built API integration with Oracle Fusion that can be deployed in a matter of weeks, not months, with no disruption to your business. Data is always in sync, because both systems are constantly talking with each other. Stampli syncs a master list to Oracle Fusion, and invoice and payment data is automatically synced back to Oracle Fusion.

Support for any type of business 

Unlike other solutions, Stampli provides full support for the full range of native Oracle Fusion functionality. Stampli supports any type of account hierarchy that you need to manage your business. If your business operates multiple legal entities, each with a group of business units, (or business units each with multiple legal entities), Stampli can support your business structure.

Working with vendors

Many AP departments spend hours on vendor issues, such as vendor calls regarding payment and follow up to get required documents. Stampli saves you time and simplifies vendor management with configurable onboarding forms, the ability to maintain compliance, document management, and much more

Vendors need accurate and timely 1099s, in order to file tax returns. You can manage 1099 data for vendor details, including address and contact information. Stampli’s automated system helps you keep vendor data current, so that 1099s can be issued quickly.  Stampli will also sync key vendor data including default currencies,  bank account information, and a vendor’s preferred payment method, so you can use it to make vendor payments.

Vendors are critical to your company’s success, and you need vendors who provide quality products and services at a reasonable price, and vendors who can meet delivery deadlines. Stampli’s Advanced Vendor Management functionality makes it easier to manage vendor onboarding, information, and documentation to strengthen relationships and maintain compliance.

Managing and coding data

Many Oracle Fusion users need a variety of GL account types and custom fields to manage the business and to generate accurate reports. Stampli automatically syncs GL accounts and custom fields, so that Stampli always uses your Oracle Fusion data to process AP.

Purchase order matching is an important tool that ensures that items were approved for purchase, invoiced, and properly received. With Stampli, you’ll have effortless 2-way and 3-way purchase order matching and processing for partial amounts. 

AP data changes constantly, and you may need to update or add information to invoices and purchase orders before processing a payment. You can make adjustments for line items, and users have the ability to add new line items directly in Stampli. 

Processing payments

Stampli provides a sync for partial payments, gives AP the ability to apply credits and discounts, and automatically exports payment data back to your ERP.  Stampli Direct Pay offers efficiency, visibility, and control to your vendor payments. Stampli facilitates ACH transfers from your bank account to your vendors, without needing to set up or fund a separate account. 

In addition, Stampli can print and mail checks to vendors on your behalf from your company bank account. You can also use Stampli Card to pay vendors instantly while earning cashback by sending a one-time-use virtual credit card.

Streamline AP Processing

Stampli brings all of your AP-related communication, documentation, and workflows into one place for complete visibility and control. It’s simple for users to learn and even simpler to use. Stampli provides complete visibility and control over your entire AP program. It reduces the risk of errors, fraud, and compliance issues while improving vendor relationships and making your AP processes much more efficient.

Here are some additional AP Automation Features:

  • Invoice processing: Automate invoice capture, coding, approvals, and more to make AP more efficient and accurate.
  • Centralized collaboration: All invoice collaboration, interactions, documentation, and workflows centered on top of each invoice.
  • Billy the Bot™: Advanced AI that adapts to your unique AP processes and business structure to automate manual tasks and eliminate manual work in your ERP. 
  • Multi-company support:  Process and pay invoices across companies, offices, departments, or locations in a single place.
  • Insights: Gain instant visibility into invoices, employee productivity, and AP processes with powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Integrate Oracle Fusion with Stampli to process more invoices in less time, and with fewer errors.

Stampli differentiators for Oracle Fusion customers

Work with Stampli to get a unique and different AP Automation experience:

  • Least disruption: No need to rework your ERP or change your AP processes.
  • Most control: One place for all your communication, documentation, and workflows.
  • Smartest AI: Billy the Bot assists you across the entire invoice process — and he’s always learning.
  • Fastest to value: Stampli deploys in weeks, not months, with minimal user training.
  • More than just AP: Stampli offers integrated payments, credit cards, vendor management, and more.

AP processing can be a time-consuming activity that increases the risk of errors and makes it difficult to scale your business. If you operate a complex business with multiple companies, the challenges are even bigger. Don’t let the limitations of your current AP processes hold you back.

Stampli’s pre-built API integration provides full AP Automation for your business. Experience the power of Stampli’s integration with Oracle Fusion today and elevate your AP processes to new heights of efficiency and productivity. Contact Stampli today to get started.

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