Stampli Integrates with Sage 100 to Streamline AP Processes and Payments

Stampli & Sage 100

Stampli has enhanced its Sage 100 integration with Stampli bridge, giving users the ability to optimize their accounts payable via Stampli’s AP Automation platform. Click here to contact our team about the Sage 100 integration, or keep reading to learn more!

Stampli + Sage 100: End-to-End AP Automation

It’s no secret that many businesses have paper-intensive AP processes with tons of time-consuming back & forth. And when you’re spending your days matching invoices to POs, getting the attention of the purchasing manager, answering questions from vendors about invoice statuses, and making sure the invoices are being managed properly – it’s easy to get buried under a mountain of documents and “friendly reminders.”

The Stampli + Sage 100 integration was created to help anyone who touches invoices at your business – from purchasers to AP staff to approvers – enjoy a streamlined AP processing experience. This allows AP teams to stay organized, in control, efficient, and synchronized. 

Benefits of Stampli + Sage 100 Integration

Businesses that have previously been crushed by never-ending AP paperwork and high communications overhead can now enjoy the paperless efficiency of Stampli AP automation for Sage 100. This comes with many major benefits for companies including: 

AP automation that works directly alongside your financial system

Stampli offers a fast, easy setup of their pre-built Sage 100 bridge integration, which requires no IT support. The bridge integration framework brings the on-prem application to the cloud. Stampli provides an automatic sync of Sage 100 data, including GL, vendors, POs, all item types, and custom fields. 

Approved invoices automatically sync to Sage 100 once invoices are approved and authorized. When a payment is approved and authorized, the data is sent back to Sage 100.

Flexibility to match your unique processing needs

Whatever your organizational structure looks like, we’re ready for you. Stampli can support invoice processing that’s centralized at a single corporate HQ, decentralized across multiple locations, or a combination of both. In addition, Stampli will process both POs and non-PO invoices.

You can set up and change approval workflows to meet your needs, including workflows with multiple approvers. Stampli’s AP Automation software solution uses Artificial Intelligence technology — Billy the Bot — to automate AP invoice processing and learns an organization’s unique patterns to simplify GL-coding, automate approval notifications, identify duplicates and more.

​​Streamlining communications

Reduce inefficiencies by streamlining communications between anyone involved with your invoices including managers, purchasers, the AP staff, and vendors. Our built-in communication tools make it so that there are no more back-and-forths, run-arounds, rabbit-holes, or communication loop-de-loops. Here are some benefits of improved communication:

  • Ask and answer questions from teammates or management
  • Easy access to relevant details and documents available at the click of a mouse
  • Notify approvers when action is required on a particular invoice
  • Quickly request updates to any invoice field
  • One-click access to the status of an invoice

With Stampli’s communication tools, making an invoice decision has never been easier.

Full visibility into invoice status & activities with Stampli Reports

Stampli Reports can be used for accruals, tracking purchases, reconciling factory statements, and more. With Stampli, AP can always know exactly where an invoice is located – invoices no longer go into a black hole! Finally, users have a link to an auditable invoice history.

Convenient, pre-built reports

Taking customer feedback into account, we’ve determined the most immediately useful reports for Stampli users and created 10 out-of-the-box invoice reports. These are ready and waiting for you in Stampli. 

Customized reports

Each Stampli Report can further be customized to give you the exact insights you need. View specific time periods or add, remove, and reorder columns. Apply advanced filters such as invoice status, GL account, vendor, location, and more. 

Stampli Reports give AP teams a single spot to access, organize, save, and share custom views of invoice activity depending on their day-to-day needs. What’s more, Reports follow Stampli’s roles and permission rules, meaning users will only see the invoices needed to do their job.

Pay Vendors via ACH or Check with Stampli Direct Pay

Pay your way with maximum flexibility and control. Use your preferred payment method, or our add-on capability, Stampli Direct Pay, for easy payment runs with painless paper check, easy-to-reconcile ACH transactions, or Stampli Card. Collect, manage, and own all corporate spend in one place.

Using Direct Pay

Direct Pay is an optional service with maximum business-to-business (B2B) payment flexibility. Use Stampli to pay vendors by automated clearing house (ACH) or paper checks. Or pay vendors outside of Stampli’s AP Automation platform. You choose.

Bank accounts, vendor payment details, vendor credits, and discounts are auto-synced with Stampli. If you post a voided payment in Sage 100, the data automatically updates in Stampli.

With Direct Pay, you own the payment data, and users can set internal controls to determine who can have access. Businesses have easy access to all relevant details and supporting documentation for seamless payment approvals.

Stay in control of your vendor relationship, with no middle man interference.

Working with Stampli Card

Gain complete control and visibility over your corporate credit card spend with the only card solution integrated into the most powerful AP Automation platform. Use Stampli to manage all corporate credit card transactions and invoices in one place.

  • Stampli Card purchases are automatically synced as a payment receipt in Sage 100
  • View card purchases as they happen with instant access to credit card transaction details
  • Avoid chasing cardholders with auto-reminders to add supporting documents.

Use Stampli Card to control corporate spend before it happens.

Don’t Just Manage Spend, Control It

Stampli’s end-to-end AP platform gives you full control and visibility over all your corporate spending from invoices to cards to  payments—all in one place. Customer delight positions Stampli as Leader in the G2 Grid® for AP Automation software and #1 in Usability, Support, Implementation, and Results.

Stampli’s pre-built Sage 100 bridge integration is available as of May 1st, 2022. Send a note to our team here to get the ball rolling. We’d love to tell you more about the Stampli + Sage 100 integration. Or, if you’re still exploring you can learn how Stampli works with Sage 100 here.

Take control over invoice and bill processing with smart, intuitive, and actionable AP Automation from Stampli.

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