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Stampli lets you automate AP without reworking your ERP. If you’re considering Tipalti, ask yourself how many weeks the rollout takes, and how much work it’ll be to customize. Stampli can be deployed in days, without having to change your ERP or AP process.

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Why choose Stampli instead of Tipalti for AP automation?

Stampli is built for AP first

Tipalti is built for payments first.

Stampli protects your vendor relationships

Tipalti aggressively sells their services to your vendors.

Stampli deploys in days, with no ERP rework

Tipalti has long implementation periods, even when charging fees.

Stampli lets you pay on YOUR terms

With Tipalti, you need to pre-fund a settlement account to pay vendors.

What should you ask Tipalti about?

If you’re comparing Stampli versus Tipalti, here are a few questions you should ask Tipalti.

Tipalti implementations are typically 90 days or more. Implementation consultants often lack a practical background in AP. User training can be extensive, with multiple sessions.

Stampli’s implementations can be as short as a few days with a robust API integration. Our product is intuitive and requires minimal training. We hire Customer Success team members specifically for their AP backgrounds.

Tipalti’s ERP integrations are usually developed by third parties, and don’t support the full range of native ERP functionality. If they don’t support the functions you rely on, you are the one who has to change.

With Stampli’s ERP integrations, you don’t have to rework your ERP or change your accounting processes. We build our API integrations in-house to support the full range of native functionality.

Tipalti’s payment tools require you to pre-fund a settlement account. Are you comfortable tying up your capital instead of earning interest on it?

Also, your vendors see payments attributed to Tipalti on their statements because Tipalti acts as an intermediary — which really confuses them.

With Stampli’s payment tools, there is no settlement account. Each transaction is processed individually, and funds are transferred directly from your account to the payee at the time of each transaction. Your vendor sees funds attributed to you on their statements, not Tipalti.

Tipalti is known to hound your vendors with their sales pitches for payments products while saying they are calling on your behalf. Vendors hate this, and we know of some vendors who severed their relationship due to these calls.

Stampli views your vendor relationships as strategic and sacred! We would never risk your vendor relationships with aggressive sales pitches.

Stampli is built for the way YOU run AP

Billy the Bot™

Least disruption

No need to rework the ERP or change your AP processes

Ensure control & compliance

Fully configurable and auditable payment workflows

Most control

One place for all your communication, documentation and workflows

Smartest AI

Billy the Bot assists you across the entire invoice lifecycle

Fastest to value

Deploys in weeks, not months, with minimal user training

What do Stampli customers appreciate most?

Top 50 Accounting and Finance Products Award
Top 100 Highest Satisfaction Products
Top 100 Global Softare Companies Award
AP Automation Leader Award
2024 Capterra Shortlist Award
2024 GetApp Category Leaders Award
2024 Software Advice FrontRunners Award

Stampli vs. Tipalti for AP automation

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