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Success Story

Stampli has been a huge help to our organization and processes. We were a small entity averaging around 30-50 invoices a month that through an acquisition rocketed to 400+ invoices a month overnight. We knew our old way of handling AP was not going to keep up. We assumed we would have to hire a new full-time AP person. That turned out not to be the case. I demoed several AP based systems to improve our process, but was most impressed with Stampli. ​

Other systems were full of features, but clunky in design (and expensive), but I could tell immediately that the design behind Stampli “got it”. It takes care of the core necessities of a great AP process, but keeps it simple and easy to use.

Our organization is very spread out geographically, and Stampli has let our accounting team collaborate with all locations with ease. Getting approvals and allowing users to track the process of an invoice in our system on their own. The live sync with our accounting system greatly reduces the amount of coding and updating that use to be required.

Anytime you move to a new system, there are bumps in getting to smooth operations. I was thoroughly impressed with Stampli’s customer service. They were very responsive and diligent to actually solve our problem and not just placate us with stock answers. I have already witnessed numerous updates to their software and increased functionality. They have even incorporated our suggestions. I would highly recommend Stampli to any organization that wants to simplify and streamline their AP process on the cloud.

Heath W. Casey
Reliance Oilfield Services
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