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About Stampli

Our Product​

Stampli is a cloud-based interactive invoice management solution for Accounts Payable that helps get invoices approved up to 5 times faster. Until today, Accounts Payable’s greatest challenge was the communication breakdown that occurs in the approvals process. Stampli solves this problem by creating each invoice as its own digital landing page which centers the conversation about the invoice on top of the invoice itself. This flexible, easy-to-use approvals work flow can reduce the time spent chasing invoice approvals by as much as 80% – and make the process enjoyable for everyone involved!

Featuring an intuitive and collaborative user interface, Stampli integrates seamlessly with leading Enterprise Resource Planning systems including NetSuite, Intacct, Quickbooks, and SAP. Set up is fast, easy, and free, and no implementation project is necessary.

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Our Mission

The inspiration for Stampli was born out of our founder’s passion for connecting processes and people in ways they have never been connected before. Historically, IT solutions overlooked the importance of the communication aspect of business processes. This oversight creates a ceiling that prevents them from achieving optimum efficiency.​

Invoices represent the true core of a business transaction. Invoice management is the one process that every company in the world must deal with, and it always involves communication between people. Without a solution that leverages these interactions effectively, these can become the “weak link” in the chain, the point where the process breaks down.

The vision of Stampli is to transform this human element from a weakness into a strength that solves a persistent problem in an entirely new way.

At Stampli, we have channeled this vision into a new solution that can be easily adopted and adapted by Accounts Payable in any business environment. We call it Interactive Invoice Management.

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