Accounts Payable

Handling Slow Internal Invoice Approvals

It would be nice if everyone did what they were supposed to do, especially when it comes to something as simple as approving invoices for payment in a timely manner. In the recent AP Now survey, the issue of slow internal approvals was on the Top 5 Invoice Problems invoice list with 66% of the respondents reporting that this was a problem in their organization. In fact, it tied for second place on that list.

AP collusion prevention tips

Preventing Collusion

Collusion is an ugly word but one that we need to address. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at MillerCoors when one of their marketing executives colluded with service providers. The service providers would either…

Communications: How to Be an AP Hero

By Mary Schaeffer Customer service isn’t something that every accounts payable department considers part of its daily routine. In fact, because the company¬†is¬†the customer in relation to vendors, some point out that since they represent…