Your Plan for Success at SuiteWorld 2018

Your Plan for Success at SuiteWorld 2018

Last year, Team Stampli had a great time at SuiteWorld 2017. We met tons of awesome NetSuite customers and partners. The reactions we got to the in-person demos of Stampli made all the hard work leading up to the event worth it. How often do you hear a prospect say, “I know I came by yesterday but I had to come by again and make sure I get a demo with my team scheduled as soon as I can”? One year later, our product is even more amazing, our team has grown, and we’re looking forward to another incredible event!

Whether you are an attendee or a vendor, conferences can be daunting. The sheer number of people, sessions, and activity at a conference the size of SuiteWorld can be overwhelming. So many people to meet and things to learn! Here’s some advice to ensure you have the most successful event possible.

Have a Plan Before You Go

Check out the SuiteWorld session catalog and note which sessions/events you must attend. Bring business cards and plan to do as much networking as you can. Vendors should make sure their lead generation strategy and followup plan is clear to everyone on the team.

Meet the Vendors

There will be all kinds of great solutions (like Stampli) at the Expo. Take time to explore what’s out there. There could be a solution you didn’t even know you needed just waiting for you to discover it. There is no better time or place to get all your questions answered in person, so say hello!

If you’re looking for an Accounts Payable solution that can help accelerate invoice approvals 5X (and integrates with NetSuite in minutes), contact us.

Make New Friends

Mealtimes are a great opportunity to connect with fellow attendees at a casual level. Unless you have a stack of urgent emails to respond to, keep your phone in your pocket. Seek out a table with a few friendly looking strangers and strike up a conversation. You never know who you will meet. Have a couple ice breaker questions in mind like, “What did you think of the keynote?” to get the conversation flowing.

Stay Connected

Once you’ve made a great new potential customer, solution provider, or business connection, keep in touch! Collect their business card and scribble a personal note on it. Connect with them on LinkedIn as soon as possible (don’t forget to write a note reminding them where you met).

Keep up to date on event developments by following the Twitter hashtag #SuiteWorld18. Follow @Stampli on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for great event updates as well!

Wear Very Comfortable Shoes

There’s no shame in rocking Dr. Scholl’s at a conference. Everything in Las Vegas is a 20 minute walk (or run if you slept in!). The last thing you want to do is be rubbing sore feet while knowing that you’re missing out on some great learning and networking experiences.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful, and are getting excited to join the NetSuite community for a week of learning and FUN. Stop by the Stampli booth #945 to say hello!

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