Stampli Unlocks AP Automation for Family Allergy and Asthma During COVID-19

Family Allergy & Asthma - Stampli Invoice Processing - Case Study

Family Allergy & Asthma is a group of board-certified allergy and asthma specialists with offices in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. Its 30+ board-certified allergists and physicians are still serving thousands of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic via telemedicine, which its small IT team was able to set up and launch quickly.

In fact, it onboarded Stampli at the same time as the work from home order came in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Controller Zach Kulow said, “Suddenly our IT director had a huge project to implement, and a growing number of invoices to approve in Stampli.

“Because we have full visibility into all invoices, we were able to identify which ones required his approval, reduce his load, and enable him to focus on other projects without any of us having to be onsite for any of the invoice approvals.”

It implemented Stampli because its AP team didn’t have any visibility into an AP pipeline, as all 400 of its monthly invoices are not PO-based and stem from orders placed directly by its internal departments.

Before Stampli it used to take about 10 days to get invoices into Intacct, but now, Zach said “We’ve gone from 10 days to one day to get all invoices into Intacct, and, to me, that’s a huge value add because it gives my team insight into all invoices so we can better plan.”

Read the new Family Allergy and Asthma case study to learn why it didn’t chose Tipalti or Hybrent and more about its achievements with Stampli, such as: 90% faster invoice processing, 70% reduction in the invoice lifecycle, and 100% of all invoices now in Stampli and Intacct.

Additionally, with the COVID-19 crisis, cash flow management has become more critical, and Stampli’s advanced search capabilities allow Zach’s team to quickly manage it by identifying outstanding invoices, exporting those from Stampli, and getting them into Intacct for payment.

“I think the combination of the pandemic and how Stampli has improved our AP process has shown our company the need for digital automation. From an accounting systems perspective, we’re at the beginning of what we will do with automation, and we’ve got the foundation to enable that,” said Zach.

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