The Art of Business Partnering as a Social CFO in the New Remote Reality

CFO business partnering

By Ernie Humphrey, CTP

I have been developing the concept of the Social CFO in the past few months. My blog series includes the following installments:

  • The Rise of the Social CFO – In my first blog in the Social CFO series, I share five soft skills that I believe CFOs need to master to be successful in 2020 and beyond.
  • The Social CFO: The Art of Collaborating with Sales Leaders – In this post, I share insights gleaned from conversations with hundreds of CFOs regarding how CFOs can collaborate effectively with sales leaders to drive new customer growth, customer engagement, and optimize the customer experience.

The most important outcome of being a Social CFO is driving performance across the enterprise, and that means effective business partnering within and beyond Finance.

I was thrilled to explore the art of business partnering as a Social CFO in the new remote reality with the leading global expert in business partnering, Ander Liu-Lindberg, in my initial episode of the Finance Trends and Disruption Podcast.

The Finance Trends and Disruption Podcast’s mission is to deliver the truth of what matters to the Office of the CFO. As the Voice of the Office of the CFO, I engage global thought leaders to explore current and emerging trends, separate hype from reality, and take on topics that some may see as controversial.

You can discover all episodes of the Finance Trends & Disruption Podcast in the Stampli Podcast Hub.

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