Renova Energy Saves 50% Time


Renova Energy is an employee-owned company that delivers practical, sustainable solar energy production and battery storage to residential and commercial customers.  As the company grew, they upgraded other financial systems to NetSuite but were still manually processing over 700 vendor bills every month. It was taking up 80% of the AP teams time entering data and chasing approvals. Worst of all, it was completely untrackable.


With seamless integration into NetSuite, Stampli was the perfect solution for Renova.  Hundreds of hours of manually entering vendor bills were eliminated by automatically sending bills that have been coded, verified, approved, and ready for payment from Stampli into NetSuite. Additionally, the Stampli integration keeps vendor list, account codes, purchase orders, departments, locations, and other required NetSuite data in sync between the two applications — removing the need for manual updates.  Best of all, the implementation was a breeze.

With automation, the accounting team now spends 50% less time on AP processing. The time savings has given them more time to focus on forecasting and reporting.

By automating vendor bill processing with Stampli, my job has become much more pleasant. Everything now comes to me rather than me having to go to different people directly. And everything is accurate and trackable,

— Andrea Monteiro,
Accounting Manager, Renova Energy
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