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Eyal Feldman
Eyal Feldman
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder
Ofer Feldman
Ofer Feldman
Chief Technology Officer & Cofounder
Tiff Fox Quintana
Tiffaney Fox Quintana
Vice President of Marketing
Ifat Lewit Stampli
Ifat Lewit
Vice President of Finance
Jeff Zamczyk
Jeff Zamczyk
Vice President of Sales
Shane Hamby
Shane Hamby
Vice President of Product
Yanniv Suberri
Yanniv Suberri
Vice President of Engineering

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Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Commercial Payments International
The Software Report
Physicians Practice
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$20 Billion: Invoices managed annually
50,000: Happy AP users & Approvers
2.5 Million: Vendors Satisfied
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

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