AP Invoice Automation for Government Agencies

Helping Government Agencies do more with less.

Making the Most of Your Budget

Increase Productivity, Employee Satisfaction, and Deliver Control Over Invoice Payment Processes

Government agencies are unique since operations are funded by taxpayer dollars, which means they have predefined budgets and need to do more with less. This often leaves accounts payable to manual invoice processes. The costs associated with manual processes are often hidden but come in the form of time, missed discounts, and data entry errors.

Automating accounts payable mitigates data entry errors and decreases the time to process an invoice from weeks to days, which creates more opportunities for early payment discounts among other value-added functions.

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AP Automation Software Benefits for Government Agencies


Streamlined Payables

Simplify workflows with AP Automation and leave the invoice capture and coding to Billy the Bot, our intelligent AI helper, who also mitigates fraud and catches duplicates.

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Faster Approvals

Say goodbye to long, untrackable email threads. Connect stakeholders on top of the invoice with an auditable log and communication tools for an easier decision.

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Not just designed for accountants. Intuitive interface that all users from AP to approvers to management can easily take action without learning or re-learning the interface.


Access Anywhere

Process and approve invoices with Stampli from any working location, at any time or on any device in real-time.


Flexible & Scalable

Stampli AP Automation flexes to your existing processes and systems, and adapts as you grow to meet any business requirement from workload to workflow.


Control & Audit

All invoice activities and communications are readily available in a detailed log. Configurable permissions for users to make it easy to enforce controls.


ERP Integrations

Use your existing accounting systems and current payment channels. Best part, we won’t lock you into a specific payment system or virtual cards. Pay your way.

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Fast Set Up

Existing process flows, systems, custom fields and preferences can be set up in days. And you get the support of a dedicated AP and Stampli expert.

Before Stampli, Christy would put invoices into approvers’ in-boxes at the beginning of the week, but usually didn’t have approval until the end of the following week. Now invoices are easily scanned and sent to Stampli on the day of receipt.
Kent Clark
Finance Director, Spanish Fork City
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