Stampli presents: 2024’s Top Innovations in Accounts Payable

Stampli spotlights the people and technology that are changing AP on the biggest stage there is: Times Square.

Stampli honors 2024 accounts payable innovators

5 people. 3 technologies. A leap forward for finance teams everywhere.

Watch the video and then read their stories below👇

1: John Cerasuolo | CEO, Leap Partners

Seeing AP for what it is: The secret to happy teams

John oversees 14 HVAC and plumbing companies whose owners have been doing AP their way for decades. As written in Plumbing and Mechanical, Leap Partners thinks about AP technology with the broader team. Ease of use is paramount because, as they put it, “Culture can’t thrive without trust, and our business can’t succeed without culture.”

2: Billy the Bot

An AI assistant with charisma… and proven ROI

Unlike with other providers, you don’t need to manually map out all your workflows and document all your edge cases. Stampli’s AI (we call it Billy the Bot™) automatically discovers your workflows by analyzing trends and patterns in the first few days of usage.

3: Scott Hale | CFO, FirstMile

Using AI to manage AP with a team of interns

Most CFOs who seek an AP manager would look for experience or credentials on a resume. Scott is different: He knows that raw talent, when paired with AI, can do great things. This approach has enabled a workforce strategy that staffs key finance roles with college students. As he wrote in BuiltIn, “novel AI capabilities allow businesses to rethink old assumptions.”

4: Stampli International Payments

An industry-first approach to exchange rate risk

You can set a stock to sell at a certain price. You can configure your phone to alert you when traffic eases up. But what you couldn’t do was configure a cross-border payment to execute when the exchange rate got better. Instead, you had to rush to your keyboard when the time was right. In other words, you could save time or you could save money, but not both. At least, not until now.

5: Nick Brorson | CEO, Sockeye

Scaling construction companies so they can seize opportunities

Construction is a tough business for many reasons, but one of the big ones is the scale of the opportunities that appear. One contract can transform a smaller business into an industry powerhouse. And when that opportunity comes knocking, it’s often Nick who helps the company answer. Customers turn to Sockeye Partners to build the financial systems that enable scaling. Because in finance, just like in construction, the foundation means everything.

6: Stampli’s ERP integrations

ERP integrations so comprehensive that they win awards for it

Speaking of foundations, ask any CFO and they’ll tell you that the bedrock of their company is their ERP. This finance and operations software is typically the most important system in the business — and often the most complex. So when Stampli builds an integration, we do the work to map every field and support every function. No small feat, so no wonder it’s a big deal.

7: David Thikoll | VP, Business Development, BT Partners

Leading finance teams to a more paperless world

If there’s one thing CFOs can never have enough of, it’s visibility into their financial processes. Something that paper-based processes don’t really provide. But with so many processes to digitize and so many providers to choose from, how do they know where to start? That’s where David comes in.

8: Milissa Douglas | Controller, Cork-Howard Construction

Making construction jobs smoother by making credit cards better

Hours matter in the construction industry, because hours turn into days and days turn into delays. When Milissa realized that her field managers were spending their hours reconciling credit card statements and driving across town to turn in receipts, she realized that the right card provider could get jobs finished faster. “We went from having the employees holding four credit cards to holding one credit card,” she recently told IronPros. “And it’s working out great.”

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