AP Automation for Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs)

Stampli AP Automation software enables the back-office so they can better support the rest of the organization and the greater good.

Automation that Makes a Difference

Supporting Your AP Needs so You Can Focus on Your Mission

For Nonprofit Organizations, accounts payable is not often a priority for automation. Manual AP has costs of its own, however, in the form of time to process an invoice and the accompanying missed discount opportunities, late or duplicate payments, and data entry errors.

Not for profit 501(c) organizations cut costs when they automate AP as they mitigate data entry errors and decrease invoice processing times to a matter of days. This in turn can improve supplier relationships and opportunities for early payment discounts.

AP Automation for Nonprofit Organizations
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AP Automation Software Benefits for Nonprofit Organizations


Remote Payables

Process and approve invoices with Stampli from any working location, at any time or on any device.


Payables, Automated

Billy the Bot, our AI assistant is equipped with advanced technologies to capture invoices and accurately extract data in real-time.

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Invoice Communications

Connect stakeholders, approvers, and even invite vendors to communicate on top of the digital invoice to reach a decision faster than email threads or in person.


Full Control

One-click access to invoice audit trails with visibility and oversight allows you to be in control of all invoice activity and payment processes.

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Pay Your Way

Stampli doesn’t lock you into a single payment option. Pay how you want, based on your unique business needs.


ERP Integration

Securely connect Stampli with any ERP or system to sync information from invoices, POs, payment details and more.

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Launch In Weeks, not Months

It’s true. You will maintain internal controls, existing processes, and custom preferences with our fast and flexible configuration.

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Customer Reviews

We put customers first and they rated Stampli AP Automation #1 in usability, support, implementation and results.

Most of the AP automation vendor tools center around bill payment, and the AP side was not as robust. When we found that Stampli did exactly what we wanted, it was the obvious choice.
Zach Kulow
Controller, Family Allergy & Asthma
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Success Stories

Family Allergy & Asthma Case Study Preview
Case study

Family Allergy & Asthma Achieves 90% Faster Invoice Processing

Family Allergy and Asthma is a fast-growing business with many clinics, providers, and services to treat its patients. They work with vendors from immunotherapy drug…

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