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Stampli Announces Series A Funding

Stampli Announces Series A Funding

At Stampli, we know numbers. After all, our solution was created to help Accounts Payable improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of their processes with cutting-edge invoice management technology. Our customers spend 80% less time chasing invoice approvals once they begin working with Stampli.

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Stampli’s fearless leader: CEO Eyal Feldman

After recently closing our Series A funding round, we are happy to say that our investors agree! The $6.7M round was led by SignalFire, and several other well-known venture capitalists like Bloomberg BetaHillsven Capital, Naver, and UpWest Labs continued their participation. This round will allow us to continue growing our team, investing in outreach, and customer care.

Read the full article in Tech Crunch (including a great quote about why no other solution has yet solved the true problem in Accounts Payable).

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