AP Automation Improvements

2019 in Review

The Stampli team has been hard at work to make AP even easier and faster for Stampli customers in 2019! Read highlights of what we’ve done.

24×7 AP Knowledge Base

The Stampli Help Center provides 24×7 access to a repository of online articles to answer your product questions and maximize Stampli’s benefits to your organization. (You must be logged into Stampli for access to articles)

Enhancements for Approvers

Stampli makes invoice approvals easy and intuitive, whether you approve invoices once a week, once a month, or once a year. And here are some ways we’ve made it even easier for approvers!

  • Showing a quick view of past invoices from the vendor in the invoice feed for easy reference as you review and manage invoices.
  • Making supporting documents directly accessible with an invoice – including file attachments and vendor documents. Quickly view details of supporting documents by just hovering over the file name.
  • Easily view specific parts of the invoice image using a zoom slider, mouse wheel, or “pinching” gesture.
  • Several options are available to quickly navigate to single or multiple invoices in “My Inbox” folder.

Capabilities for AP Teams

For our power users, Accounts Payable teams, we’ve introduced a number of enhancements to make invoice processing even easier and faster.

Invoice Fields & Coding

  • Automate coding fields with multiple line items and/or various allocation schedule with Stampli’s unique table templates that you can create or use ones recommended by Billy, Stampli’s AI bot.
  • Flexibility in customizing invoice fields, such as making fields “read only” or hidden, or associating fields with specific subsidiary or entity.
  • Billy’s duplicate invoice detection uses similar rules as those used by financial systems.
  • In the Invoice page, drop-down lists in Custom Search fields show up to 600 values.
  • NetSuite & Intacct customers: If a vendor with POs is selected on a new invoice, Billy will auto-fill the PO number if available on the invoice.

View, Track, Manage Invoices

  • Tools for deleting, rearranging, and splitting invoice pages are available.
  • More options are available to filter and sort invoices in the Invoice Processing dashboard (e.g., filtering by sources or assigned resource, sorting by invoice page numbers or amount, etc.).
  • AP Users (Dispatchers and AP Processors) can view all their assigned tasks and invoices in “For My Attention” tab.
  • Advanced Search can be used to search for non-invoice documents (e.g., credit memos, pro forma invoices, payment receipts).
  • Multiple line items are supported when printing invoices.

Vendor Management Enhancements

In 2019, we’ve released features that make it easier for you to manage vendors.

  • New Vendor Manager role and Vendor Management dashboard to manage vendors and vendor documents.
  • Vendor documents (e.g., contracts, W-9, insurance certificates) can be made available with all invoices from that vendor for faster and easier approvals.

The following Vendor Portal enhancements make it even easier for your vendors to view the status of their invoice:

  • Vendor Portal settings to enable what vendors can see and do.
  • Two Vendor Portal access types are available: full access Regular and limited access Guest users.
  • You can disable Vendor Portal access for an entire vendor company or individual users.

Read-Only Users

The “View All” permission is available to give read-only access to all invoices or to specific invoices that meet specific criteria, such as entity, vendor, GL account, and even custom fields.

If you have an existing Stampli account, we invite you to visit the Stampli Help Center to learn more about these and other features that are available on our AP Automation platform.

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